Introducing ‘Food, Please’, a Book Club turned Cook Club Series

Hiya, babes! One of the most exciting things to introduce (besides those fun pink balloons!) is this new ‘cook with me’ series! 

If you’ve joined me on Snapchat, you’ve most likely noticed that I love, love, love to try new recipes. Usually they’re on the healthier side, but every once in a while I throw in a cheat meal day here or there. Trust me, if I’m having a cheat day, I’m making it count. You better believe, it’s going to be delicious and worth every chocolate-cheesy-comfort filled calorie! 

I wanted to make things more fun here, I didn’t just want to read off ingredients and directions to you each week. I want to cook with you guys! 

Here’s the deal. 

Every Sunday morning I will email out (& post) that week’s grocery list. It will include ingredients for a breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert or cocktail. Throughout the week I will post the recipes, snapchat myself making them, post videos etc. 

Unless y’all wanna come squeeze in my kitchen (if you wanna come on!), I think this is the next best thing! You can always email me recipes you’ve been wanting to try or ideas you may have. Think of this like a book club turned cook club. 

To make sure you never miss out on the yummy-ness, sign up for the Yes, Please newsletter here! The first list will be sent out Sunday 7/17! 


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