Happy Easter My Stylish Little Bunnies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It was a beautiful day here in my new city, Memphis so luckily we spent the day outside! I have been so excited to wear my Easter outfit and even more excited to share it with you. Unfortunately I don’t have my computer here for another week so this blog post is coming to you from my mobile. 

I snagged this amazing pale pink dress at TJMaxx for under $20. I have been wanting to try the drop waist dress trend but nervous about how it would fit my body. All my nerves are eased after trying this on, it was so comfortable and in my opinion flattering. I received many compliments. Thanks Teej, I am quite themaxxinista these days. 

I am equally as obsessed with my shoes as the dress. Bravo Diane Von Frustenburg these shoes are a beauty. They were a little uncomfortable to break in, but beauty is pain ladies. I really enjoyed the pastel mixed with the nude and metallics finished off with a clear heel. Retro, fun, and classy perfect for warm weather.  

I completed the look with my Kate Spade clutch I snagged at a surprise sale. If you don’t know about Kate’s surprise sales you’re not living life right. I got this adorable clutch 75% off. 

Sorry y’all I’m in an Extended Stay the rest of the month, computerless, & unsure how to link websites to my post! I will tell you the shoes are DVF Patmos Clear Heel Sandal. 


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