How to Work Pinterest like a Blogger Boss + My BIGGEST Social Media Secret EVER

A couple of months ago I was brainstorming blog topics. I like to get things fresh and fun, yet helpful. Because honestly, who cares to read an entire post about one sweater, that’s what IG is for right?! See. LiketkIt. Shop. Wear. Love.

I kept toying with the topic of Pinterest. It’s something that’s constantly on my mind.. in life, in work, in our kitchen, in our house, in almost everything. Lately, I use Pinterest almost as much as Google. I knew growing my Pinterest, would in turn grow my brand.

Anyway, I have been working on my Pinterest game and was thinking I would keep track of what worked and what didn’t to share with you guys.

But. I’m so sick of acting like I’m an ‘expert’ in all these things y’all. I constantly talk about how I want this to be a two way street, a conversation between me and all you guys, yet I am the one stopping it. I sit here and yap, yap, yap.. then say ‘You have to tell me if this works for you too!’. Why not do it together?

Why not change the narrative together. Let’s grow together, let’s learn together.

So today, I’m sharing what I’ve researched about Pinterest. What I’ve tested and learned works. And what doesn’t. And what’s on my Pin-genda for the future. I want to hear what you’re doing. What’s working and not working.

And I’m going to tell you my game changing Pinterest secret. That has worked for me! 

Ready? Let’s go!

Here’s what I’ve been doing– 

C L E A N   I T   U P 
This was the most annoying part for me. I am horrible at keeping my computer/phone/files tidy. Pinterest is no exception. During my research I read that cleaning up your boards, deleting pins that didn’t do well or fixing pins that went to a broken link could be huge in helping your algorithm (aka Pinterest thinks your pins are more ‘worthy’ to be shown as popular, so more people see them). 

I went through and deleted boards I didn’t need any more and fixed old links. #SOboring I also renamed some boards to be more “on brand”.  All in all, I’m really happy that I cleaned it up. It’s nice to have everything in order. I will say I lost about 3 followers but definitely worth it. 

I’ve also read that there is an 80/20 rule to pinning. For every 20% of your own pins you pin, you need to pin 80% of other peoples pins. 

M A K E   I T   E A S Y 
One thing I’ve noticed that has definitely upped my game is making it way easier for my readers to pin my posts. In addition to the ‘Hover to Pin’ button on my images, I always add a ‘Pinable Image’ at the end of the post with a direct link to click and save to their Pinterest board. 

I use PicMonkey to make all my Pinable images. I’ll share my steps below!

1. Open your image under editor. When picking your image make sure it’s eye catching and vertical. Vertical images preform better on Pinterest. You can also use the collage feature, I love doing this for recipes. I’ll add four photos but delete one to leave a white space for words. 

2. I like to start by making a banner to center all my text. I think it creates a focal point and gets to the point. I try to make this a color that coordinates with the photo.

3. Next I add the words. I like to choose fonts that mix well like cursive and plain text, bold and skinny, etc. I add each line in a separate text box so that I can control the spacing. I also like to add the depth effect to really make it pop. I like to add my website URL in the corner to make sure it can be linked back to my site if the image is reused on other sites, etc.

4.  Finally I save it and insert into my post! **You can also save it to your hub incase you need to edit it later. 

Click Here to Pin this Post 

My biggest tip that I have noticed has changed my Pin-game, made multiple pins go ‘viral’ and brought over thousands of new views to each post is by thinking like Pinterest. Ok, so instead of treating one blog post the same on every platform, think about how to market it. Treat each platform as a separate tool. So I like to use my blog post as a long narrative, that’s both informative and personal. I use it to tell a story while demonstrating tips or things that are helpful. Depending on the platform, I will share it different ways. I like to be more personal on Instagram. I truly feel like I have a lil’ IG fam there and I like to share my life with you guys!

But on Pinterest, people don’t know you and don’t care to know you. They are there for help. Help decorating, help cooking, help with ideas, etc. So I always try to make my pins informative and to the point. 

Example. Instead of titling this pinable image – ‘My Journey with Pinterest’, I titled it ‘How to Create Pinable Images’. This is more informative and more likely to get clicked. Sometimes I even create a second image and place it in the post as well. For example, my title image ‘How to Work Pinterest like a Blogger Boss + My BIGGEST and BEST Social Media Secret’. Both eye catching and informative.

Ok so, now ya know! My little secret. If you like these real life, unfiltered tips you can subscribe to my emails here & follow along on IG (@YesPleaseDaily). If you have more tips for me TELL ME! I want this to be a two way street.

On my agenda for this year are bettering my photography, learning to use Tailwind to schedule my pins and by joining Boardbooster for continued clean up, Pin groups and more. And maybe find out how to not need any sleep at all so I can knock out this continually growing to-do list. Share tips below! Comment on my IG with tips! Do anything because I’m ready to do knock this Pinterest thing out of the ballpark y’all. XO

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