How to Stock a Healthy(ish) Fridge – FREE Grocery List Printable

Mastering your grocery list is like the ultimate adult achievement in my mind. It’s hard finding the perfect balance of buying healthy food that you’ll actually eat and buying enough of your ‘cheat’ items that you won’t feel like you’re being bad. Plus, doing all that without spending a ton of money- that’s the true challenge! Luckily for you, I think I have almost perfected this list. Today I’m sharing how to stock a healthy (ish) fridge + a few tricks I use to organize it.

I think the biggest challenge is finding what you can splurge on, what you can save on, what you should buy fresh and what to buy frozen. One trick I like to keep in mind is buying frozen as much as possible, especially for veggies that I enjoy but RJ doesn’t. So, I stock up on cauliflower (rice, mash, etc.) only in frozen form! RJ won’t eat it and I find it goes bad if I buy it fresh. Plus, I don’t lose any of the nutritional value when it’s frozen. Same with broccoli. I also love to buy frozen veggie noodles, the quality isn’t compromised and it lasts so much longer than fresh.

When I do have to buy produce in fresh form, I buy small amounts. I’ve found it’s better to make two trips to the store in one week vs. spending tons on produce that doesn’t last a long time. It also helps to read what should be stored where (this is a great article for that). I’ve found with the list below and what we keep stocked in our pantry, I can make all our favorite breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

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What do you think of our ‘How to Stock a Healthy Fridge’ list? If you head over to Instagram (@RileySitton), I shared a bunch of videos touring our fridge and showing all these items. Does your staple list look similar to ours? Anything you think I should add? Of course, I always pick up some random items in the store haha! Check out our affordable storage options below. If you shop with this list or reorganize your fridge, I’d love to see and share! Tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #OhYesPlz. XO

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