How to Keep Any Size Space Organized in Style

Last week I shared easy tips to keep any size closet organized & tidy. I was honestly surprised to share a post about organization, if you would have asked any of my close family or friends about 3 years ago if I would ever be blogging any of these tips, they would have fallen on the floor laughing. 

I’m not kidding, you’re talking to the former most unorganized girl. 

A lot has changed in those few years though, I now run a household and would lose my mind if I couldn’t keep it organized. Not only does it help my day run smoother but I spend less time cleaning now! 

I’m going to break down each category (Makeup, jewelry and hair products) but I want you to know, if I can turn a new leaf.. so can you! Summer is wrapping up and it’s the perfect time to do that Spring cleaning we all skipped! Everything gets 10x busier in the upcoming months & I swear getting ahead of the game is the best way to do things. 

Before I break things down, here’s a few general tips on how to get started: 

Donate. Donate. Donate. Go through all your closets, drawers, boxes, make up bags, etc. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, donate it (unless it’s something you would only use in the Fall/Winter). I had so much make up that had gone bad, so I tossed it in the trash. I was also hoarding about 4 curling irons that no longer work, why? I have no idea. Haha! 

Find a Spot for EVERYTHING. I used to be the queen of ‘junk drawers’ or throwing stuff into a basket to deal with later. Not only will you never be able to find what you need when the time comes, this just makes things cluttered and takes up more space. Last week one of my BFFs was over and she said ‘You have so many accessories, yet you always know exactly where every piece is’. The reason why is because I have a specific spot for every. single. thing. I always know if something is MIA because its spot is empty. Having a spot for everything also helps you get ready & pick up faster, your not searching for everything. 

Take two days a week to tidy up. I’m going to touch on this more in a later post but it’s important to keeping an organized home. I take a little bit of time Monday morning and Friday afternoon to tidy up the house & make sure everything is in the appropriate spot. This helps keep me from cleaning all week  + having a clean home for the start of the week or weekend gives you a great peace of mind.

Make Up. While I am #Blessed to have a great size bathroom, the lighting in the bathroom is not my friend. I would do my make up in there, only to get in the car and look like a clown. My solution was to apply my make up in our bedroom mirror next to a giant window. Natural lighting = BFF

If I don’t have a spot for it, makeup would be strung across our bedroom. Since I knew carting my make up back and forth between the bathroom would be annoying, I knew I would be lazy and just leave it laying all around. I kicked Babe out of the bottom drawer in our dresser (I gave him another drawer, don’t worry!) and store all my make up right next to the mirror. 

To make sure the drawer stays mess free, I separate my make up into categorized bags– one bag holds my everyday products, I then separated my ‘dressier products’ (think different eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, etc.) + products I don’t use everyday into different bags. One for eyes, one for face, one for lips. I then added a cup for all my brushes. 

Obviously, this solution is a little more specific due to the layout of my room but don’t be afraid to think outside the box but at the same time stay organized! 

Eventually I may move my jewelry and move all my makeup to my vanity, but for now it’s cheaper to keep it here (I would need to buy somewhere new to store all my jewelry + a stool for the vanity) & I love to get right next to the mirror while I’m applying my mascara. Like seriously, my whole body touching it haha! I don’t know why, but I have to be able to see allll my eyelashes to properly apply mascara. 

Ps. I let Babe keep his swim trunks on the other side of the drawer, compromise is the key to life right?! 😉 

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Accessories. I love to keep all my accessories displayed. You pay good money for them and they’re beautiful! They deserve to be seen.  I can never say no to a cute pair of sunnies, they’re like the cherry on top of the sundae that is a cute outfit and finding a storage solution has proved to be difficult. This tray has been my favorite so far. 

Jewelry is no exception to the ‘everything has a place’ rule, in fact it’s probably the only way I keep up with everything. I love the GLAMbox container for my bracelets, it’s easy to see where the one I want is + I think they look pretty all lined up. I keep my bulkier bangles on an old wine bottle that I saved from our engagement party! 

I found this bracelet stand at TJ Maxx & it’s the best for holding necklaces. I love this one, too. I keep my longer necklaces up top and the daintier ones on the bottom. For my super dainty, small necklaces — I keep them in an old Kate Spade box (Always save all your cute boxes, they make for excellent storage!). 

I tend to buy less earrings than other jewelry, but I still need a way to store them. I keep my most worn pairs on a seashell dish and then pairs I don’t wear as much I keep in the crystal box. I keep my studs in the bottom of my necklace holder.
I snagged the adorable pineapple ring dish from the office section of Target. It neatly organizes all my rings, while making them visible so I don’t ever wear one more than the others (Ok, who am I kidding? I definitely play favorites!).
Last but definitely not least, I have my ‘special’ jewelry tray. On here I keep a photo of the morning Babe proposed, the ‘S’ necklace (my new initial!!) he gave me for our engagement photos, the engraved necklace my Grandma gave me for my birthday (it’s her own handwriting!), the vintage ring passed down from my Mama & my birthstone ring that my Grandpa gave my Grandma when they were young in the Mrs. Box that babe used to propose. Keeping this jewelry separate and visible makes me so happy every time I see it!

If you’re in need of stocking up on jewels, Baublebar is my all time favorite. 

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A little tip I wanted to share about boys. You will buy one million baskets, you think you’re being helpful giving them places to put their stuff. I bought this little Pom Pom Basket for RJ’s pajamas (he swaps out between two pairs throughout the week). I can’t tell you how many times I walk in the room to find his pajamas laying right in front of the basket. He’s getting better but I have to constantly remind him ‘Your things go in the basket, not in front of it‘ haha! I have a basket by the door for our shoes, two for dirty clothes, one for keys/sunglasses by the door + this one under his nightstand. They’re helpful for catching pieces you use often and don’t want to put away multiple times a day. 

On top of his nightstand, he has this wooden organizer. I gave it to him for Christmas last year, it was secretly a gift for both of us! It holds his wallet in the back + his watch, sunglasses and a place to charge your phone on the front. Adorable, yet functional! 

Hair Products. I swear girls spend a quarter of their life doing their hair. Hopefully it’s not just me, ha! I shared this post about my favorite blow drier that cut my time in half. I still swear by it but girl, do I have a lot of hair products. 

Here’s a peek in my hair care drawer. Once again, I swear by baskets. I have one that holds my hot tools: blow drier, straightener, curling iron + my brushes. I have another basket that holds my most used hair products + hair wrap towels. I then keep a clear storage container (from TJ Maxx) for random object like makeup remover, small rubber bands, deodorant, ring cleaner, etc. In this drawer I also keep my face wash, contact solution, hairspray, headbands for when I wash my face or workout + a little box full of ponytail holders, clips and bobby pins. Any other beauty products that I don’t use everyday or every time I shower, I keep under the sink. This helps me get exactly what I need and not waste time digging around for things. 

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You may seem obsessive at first, finding a spot for every single thing, but you’ll see it all falls into place once you get the ball rolling. There are super busy weekends or days when I leave everything out on the counter or makeup scattered across the floor but I pick it up as soon as I get home. Do you have any tips to stay organized that I could add to my routine? I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily) & Snapchat (@RileyBrahm) for more peeks inside our home. 


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