How to Grow Old in Friendship

While I’m going to admit, I’m far from ‘Growing Old’ but life is still changing and there is one thing that is increasingly harder to hold onto. As I’ve gotten older, gone through different life stages, I have found friendships are so different. Suddenly, we’re getting new jobs, getting married, having babies and a girl’s night out is far in between. 

It’s sad but one of things I’ve learned is just a part of life. I’m so lucky to say I’m still surrounded by an incredible group of girls who have supported me, celebrated with me and loved me through so many different life stages. 

I have to toot my own horn for a moment and say that I think I’m pretty good at maintaining a friendship-relationship-work-life balance. Although I’m married, I can pretty positively say I talk to all my best friends at least once a week but usually more. 

It hasn’t been easy though. There have been fights, lost friendships and struggles on the way but I wanted to share my tips on maintaining and growing old in friendship. 

I’ve been so emotional thinking about this post and rounding up all the pictures made it ten times worse!! I know I’m so blessed in life and the friendship section is overflowing. Looking at our adventures, fun times and memories makes me cry!! I had to include so many photos with the tips so I hope you enjoy this little (ok not so little) photo diary! 😉

Communicate. I know this seems like a no brainer but one that is so important. I am the queen of taking on too many tasks and leaving me with 0 free time but I utilize every opportunity to catch up with friends.. phone calls in the car, grocery store or gym, texting during lunch breaks or downtime at night, watching snapchats, etc. Just stay up to date!! It helps especially with those long distance friendships. You could even schedule weekly phone calls so you have a 

-Spending Time Together. Ok, ok I know at this point you’re thinking these are the most obvious tips ever but hear me out. It’s easy to plan something on the weekend and go do it together but sometimes weeks can go by before I have a free weekend. My solution: call your bestie up to run errands together, hit the grocery store together, invite her over for wine while you fold laundry, meal prep together.. DO ALL THE BORING STUFF TOGETHER AND MAKE IT FUN! 

-Long Distance Lovers. Ok, I have so many tips for this one because one of my best friends lives 5 hours away yet I feel like I am more update on her life than some of my friends who live in town with me. In fact, we recently went SIX months without seeing each other but I was shocked when I did the math, it felt like no time had passed. First, we text non stop. Even if it’s just stupid stuff, screenshots, dumb memes, we’re always chatting, making each other laugh. We plan trips (more about this below) together, tell each other everything and never miss a beat. That way when we do get together, it doesn’t feel like strangers because we literally know everything about each other. 

-Traditions. Another way to stay close is through traditions. I have one where we road trip together once a year. It could be a long road trip or a short day getaway, but knowing we have that time together each year is so special and builds so many memories. You could even make your tradition, going to your favorite restaurant every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. 

-Obsess Over the Same Things. Right now, my long distance best friend and I are listening to the same podcast. This gives us something to talk about non stop. It’s fun giving us something similar to talk about, exchange theories about and look forward to together. Another friend of mine and I are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, we get together on Tuesdays to watch it and text each other our theories non stop. Maybe you’re training for a race together, learning to cook together or just obsessed with a certain celeb.. it’s fun having that special thing for just the two of you. 

Travel Together. Some of my favorite memories are on girl’s trips. Even if it’s just an overnight stay in a near by city taking that time to explore somewhere new together is so important. I know money can be tight so search places like Groupon, Priceline and Kayak for travel deals! 

-Host Girl’s Nights In. A fun night at home is both relaxing and fun. Throw together a cheese board, attempt a new recipe (like this DIY Pasta Party I hosted) or rent a scary movie and play games. The possibilities are endless and the budget can be cheap! 

Gifts! It doesn’t have to be anything big but just something to remind her you care! Mail her a hand written card, a little care package or even just Venmo her $5 for her next cup of coffee during a busy week. 

The most important thing is to be kind, show them you care and have fun together!! Remember it’s the thought that counts and even the little things can make a huge impact. Let me know if you have any additional tips, I’m always looking for new ways to make a BFF feel special. 

Also, a huge thanks to my #Squad for everything you do for me and with me. The laughs and memories are something I’ll cherish forever. I love you guys!! Thanks for always taking my blog pics, listening to my hypothetical jokes and trying all my new recipes xoxoxoxox 

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