How I’m Getting Organized for the New Year


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When I was first thinking about the new year I felt inspired, excited and ready.. but when Monday rolled around I felt overwhelmed, unorganized and like I had been hit by the holiday hangover express. Am I the only one?

Seriously. Not to be the Grinch but when you get older the holidays are still great but also exhausting, expensive and fat! OMG SO MUCH FOOD.

Anyway, I’m seriously not complaining. They were amazing but I am happy to hit refresh. One way I’m getting ready for this year is cleaning, evaluating, reorganizing, donating and trashing! I thought it would be fun today to share the ways I’m reorganizing and regrouping.

A T   H O M E
__ Pack up all holiday decor + deep clean the house
__ Reorganize my closet, donate clothes I didn’t wear last year
__ Organize Fridge/Pantry (Be sure to check expiration dates!)
__ Sort through your make up, toss expired products
__ Clean out under your bathroom cabinets. Donate products you don’t use.
__ Make a list of 2018 Projects (My list is long and RJ is going to hate me ha!)
__ Clean out your car
__ Clean out your purses

F O R  Y O U R S E L F 
__ Get a 2018 Planner & Mark Important Dates (I have a planner post coming for you next week!)
__  Find a skincare routine that works (I also have a skincare routine coming for ya!)
__  Find a morning/evening routine that works for you and stick to it! I am still working on perfecting these but you can read more about my old morning routine here. Most of it is the same steps but using new products. I’ll update it this month! 
__ Update (or start taking) your Vitamins! I keep mine in my nightstand and take them all at once right before bed. It’s a good way to get them in without forgetting any + the last little chug of my daily water intake.
__ Clean out your technology: Go through your photo albums & delete photos, clear old texts, old emails, etc. 
__ Check your bank statements & make a budget for the year: Be sure you aren’t subscribed to anything that you don’t use! I realized I was paying over $40 a month for apps I didn’t even know I had
__ Find a workout routine you love and stick to it for at least a month! (after that you’ll most likely be hooked) 

F O R  W O R K / B L O G G I N G
__ Set specific goals (big & small!) 
__ Reorganize your desk
__ Get a Large Desk Calendar (I have like 5 calendars, I love them)
__ Stock your desk with healthy snacks & lemons to make lemon water at work
__ Clean out your work computer
__ Go through your emails (clean, organize, respond to any missed, thank the people you worked with in 2017)
__ Tidy up your apps

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I feel like Januarys theme is definitely reboot & refresh. I think 2018 is the year that every month has a theme & I’m loving it!! If you start to feel overwhelmed, just remember small goals. You can do it!

I just made my entire list of posts for January and I am so excited. I think you guys are going to love this month with Yes, Plz. XO

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