Horse’n Around

Usually I avoid Mondays like I avoid checking my debit card balance after a Kate Spade surprise sale.. but this Monday I’m sharing some great news. First, I have three Thanksgiving outfits lined up for you all. Second, I have teamed up with a few of my favorite local gals to giveaway some amazing jewelry from Urban.Rose. Third, it’s Thanksgiving week and I get to see my entire crazy family this week! 

Some families are super casual for their holiday get togethers and some holiday feasts are prim and proper. My family is in between so I decided to share a few different looks depending on how your family dresses! I snagged this cozy sweater at Forever 21 last week and it’s seriously SO soft. People can’t help but touch it when I’m wearing it and I seriously can’t take it off. I wish I would have bought it in more colors. I first paired it with leggings and a few delicate necklaces for a suuuper cozy vibe. I also paired it with a pair of Old Navy skinnies that are my favorites right now and this adorable hat from Target (such a steal!). Speaking of Target, when am I not speaking of Target though, I found these boots there and I. AM. OBSESSED. They are so warm and fuzy, they’re waterproof, and absolutely adorable. They were perfect for wandering around the farm and kicking up puddles of leaves. I highly recommend them.

I also received my belated birthday present from Urban.Rose. Gorgeous handmade earrings and this bejeweled clutch. I cannot wait to style them!! Check out their amazing jewelry, it’s hand made and they sell gorgeous hand dyed kimonos + more!


Which look do you like better? Jeans + Hat or Leggings?



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