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For just a little closet, this post sure did get a lot of pictures. What can I say, it’s just my favorite room ever – so I maybe went a little overboard! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of a closet like this one and I’m so excited today is finally the day I get to share it with y’all!

Meet my Closet. 

Before I tell y’all how I made my closet of my dreams, I wanted to tell you more about this little room of mine. First, when we were looking for houses, we saw our current house online yet there were no pictures of our closet. None- I took this as a bad, bad sign. When we arrived to look at our house, I beelined for the master. I knew there was no point falling in love with this place if we had a small closet (just one of my must-haves y’all!).

Anyway, I made it to the master and was greeted by two small linen closets and called RJ in to tell him NEXT but he said let’s at least finish the tour. That’s when we found the superstar of all closets– MY CLOSET off of the master bath.  Our master actually has three closets, some kinda miracle if you ask me.

So to answer a very popular question, yes this is my actual closet, attached to our ensuite and RJ uses the two linen closets in our actual master. I know this sounds unfair but he basically got the entire office for himself upstairs, so I’ve turned this into my mini office ha!

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money redoing this room because

1. it was functional, I’m just not a huge fan of wire shelving because I wanted to use one side for accessories and photos, etc. and they just don’t store well on wire shelves.

2. we still have a lot of things to do in other parts of our home, parts where we actually spend a lot of time with each other and guests. I felt like if we were going to spend a lot of money, it should be in one of those rooms.

One day I stumbled upon these white bookshelves at Target, they were only $30 and I thought surely they were either priced wrong or going to be absolutely horrible quality. Wrong & Wrong. I purchased one to test them out and we fell in love! Well, I did – RJ says he’ll never put another bookshelf together. Ever.  


We removed one wall of wire shelving and replaced it with four bookshelves. This gave me so much more storage and display space + made my closet look even larger than before. I used this to display purses, some favorite shoes, one shelf is devoted to wedding things like my shoes and bouquet, jewelry, headbands, hats, etc.. I’m linking the acrylic organizers I purchased for storage below! In addition to accessory storage, these shelves gave me the perfect place to display pictures, cards, little trinkets and just things that hold so many memories for me.

On the small wall, I have this acrylic sunglass rack, a small shoe shelf, and a bulletin board. I love grabbing postcards from my travels and sticking them up here!

Finally, I asked you guys how I should organize my clothes on IG Stories & you all helped me decide by color. So I did all my tops on the bottom, then up top, I did skirts, shorts, pants, then rompers & dresses by color. If you’d like I can break this down on IG Stories and show you exactly how everything is divided.

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A lot of people may think it’s crazy to go all out on your closet, but for me, this is my little section of girl-y happiness in our home. I can display whatever I want and not worry it’s something RJ wouldn’t like. Being in here is like being in a giant room of all my best memories, I have gifts from my family, trinkets, ticket stubs, polaroid photos, keychains and more from my favorite events, trips, days and anniversaries. Ever since I was little, I would spend hours hanging out in my closet. I would try on new outfits, reorganize and just hang out. Not much has changed ha! When I’m in my closet I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. XO 

| White Shelves *Only $30 Each! | Acrylic Drawer Set | Acrylic Sunglass Holder (Wall Mount) | Acrylic Sunglass Holder | Acrylic Earring Stand | Acrylic Bracelet Holder | Vanity *Under $100 | Robe | Slippers | Ottoman: IKEA |

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  1. Sinclaire
    April 9, 2018 / 5:20 pm

    I am about to move into a home I just purchased, and this is giving me huge inspiration goals! My closet is not nearly as big as yours, but I can still get an idea of what I'd like my dream closet to be like *one day.* LOVE!

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