Home, Please: Our Living Room

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly thinking ‘Next summer we will replace those tables, in the fall we will order a new rug’. It’s a disease, y’all! I think it’s worse since I’m home working so often, I’m always thinking Oh! I could move that there and that there and that there. But!!! I can finally walk into our living room and not feel like there are a million things I need to change. In fact, right now I can’t think of anything I want to change. Sure with the changing of seasons, I may switch out a few pieces here and there –nothing major! 

If you’ve been following for a while now, you’ve seen our living room go from this to this to now this! The new couches we recently got, made our living room look so different that I had girl’s thinking we moved to a new house! It’s crazy how many different ways you can decorate a space. 

Looking back at the first time I shared our living room and it feels like foooorever ago! I cannot believe how far we came and how little money it took to get here! You won’t believe how affordable these couches are, really I think you could purchase all the ‘larger’ pieces in our living room for under $1200! 

If you asked RJ what he cared about when decorating our living room, I can pretty much guarantee the main things he cares about: being comfortable while watching TV, something that makes sense with the dogs (we almost bought a navy couch but were worried about the dog hair showing up too much), and that I’m happy. 

When I was picking out pieces for our living room, I tried to make sure everything was neutral. I love the polished look of double couches, furs and mirrored accents. I added an edgy twist with mixed metals and statement pieces.

If you’re trying to decorate/redecorate, be patient! It’s a lot of work, takes a good chunk of money and won’t happen over night. Save, save, save for pieces you want because they’ll eventually become part of your memories! We’ve already had so many laughs on these new couches, and I love snuggling up on them! Can you believe both of these couches actually recline and go all the way flat for a full size bed?! One of our favorite things to do is pull the coffee table close to one and play board games all night. 

If you’re trying to save money or even just go for a unique look, antique and thrift! Making something new again is fun and refreshing, plus saves major dollar bills.  

One of the main question’s I get is ‘How do I keep everything looking like this while living with a man?!‘. Girls I hear ya! They’re messy, they do the silliest things (I give RJ baskets for everything, yet everything always ends up next to the basket..why??), and they have five million cups. 

First. Coasters, lots of coasters! Second. That little box in the middle of our table holds all our remotes! It’s become a life saver. Finding a spot for everything is huge for an easy clean up. Which leads to.. Third. I tidy up every night, it helps keep things from becoming overwhelmingly dirty and it’s so nice to wake up to a clean home. If you spend about 15 minutes walking through your house picking up, it’s so  easy to keep it clean.

I’m always so excited to share a peek into our home with you guys! I wish I could invite all of you babes over to snuggle up on the couch with the pups and Netflix binge-athon. If I could make one more big change I would replace our fan, we just don’t use it that much in the den and I would love a pretty gold fixture! Since this isn’t our forever home, I’m trying not to make any big changes just furniture and decor updates! I’m sure little things will change as the year goes on but I will be sure to share them all. xo 

Big Pieces: 

| Couches (6 colors, Under $350!!) | Coffee Table *On Sale | Chair *On Sale | Record Player Table (Refurbished Antique Sewing Table) | Floor Lamp  | Electric Heater | Gold Lanterns | Fur Blanket | Pillows: Fur *On Sale, Medallion *On Sale, Gold Polka Dot (Hobby Lobby) | Record Player | Mantle (1920’s Antique) | Blanket Ladder (Made by Babe <3) | Rug *On Sale | Custom Dog Portrait |

End Tables: 

| Mirrored Tables *On Sale | Blue Round Vase

Coffee Table:

| Fur Rug | Agate Cheese Board | Candelabra | Mercury Glass Box | Gold Face Planter

Bookshelf : 

| Bookshelf, I’m dying for this one | Google Home [℅] | Game Box | Face Planter | Square Vase (Holding my wedding bouquet!) |

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