Home Organization Hacks Under $60!

I somehow feel like this is a strange post to share with you but yet I know it’s a helpful post. I never thought I would care about how the insides of my cabinets look like but when they are in order, my life is in order, ya know? It’s funny how growing older makes you care about silly things! Home organization can be hard, boring and expensive- but not the Yes, Plz Way! I’ve hacked the system and now you can organize your home (kitchen, cleaning supplies & bathroom) for under $60, yes you read that right.. your whole house for under $60. 

Ready?! Let’s clean!

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First, you’ll need to order three things. If you’re not a big baker, it could be only one or two. You will need at least one set of these wire baskets6 for $15. We have about 30 of these baskets in our house. We use them in our pantry, fridge, cleaning closet, under our sink, etc.. They hold up really well and we love how they look. Plus, you can’t beat the price. In addition, I use these airtight containers, 7 for $30. These are similar to the OXO containers that everyone loves (basically identical) but a fraction of the price. We’ve had them for months and they keep everything fresh and tidy! Finally, for our bathroom, I use an acrylic organizer, similar to this one for $11. It fits in my drawer and the compartments are great for bathroom odds and ends, but more on that below.

Now that you have the supplies, let’s get to sorting!

Kitchen- Baking Cabinet

I shared our pantry here and it houses most of our dry food, appliances, a few serving odds & ends + a couple other things. I use these two large cabinets and one drawer next to my KitchenAid mixer to house all our baking goods. Here’s a breakdown of how I group our products:

Top Left Shelf: KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment, Small Handheld Mixer, Pumpkin Cookie Jar, Chocolate Syrup. 

Middle Left Shelf: Baking Chocolate, Basket with Chocolate Chips, Shredded Coconut, Walnuts, Airtight Container with Dark Chocolate Chips (most frequently used), extra flour.

Bottom Left Shelf: Airtight Containers with Flour, Sugars, Baking Powder, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Bag of Coconut Flour, Truvia.

Top Right Shelf: Extra Ziploc Baggies, Salsa Bowls, Marble Condiment Cups, Plastic Condiment Cups, Soy Sauce Cups. 

Middle Right Shelf: Wire Basket with Cake Mix (I keep this on hand in case of emergency dessert needs, ha!), Tupperware for 60 seconds, 80 calories mug cakes, sprinkles!

Bottom Right Shelf: Wire box with more sugars, toothpicks, small jars with flavorings, baking spices, can of pumpkin. 

Now- you may not keep these exact things but these are the ingredients I try to always have on hand! No matter what you have, grouping things together by similarity helps keep you organized, ie. I keep all my sugars together, chocolates together, etc.. Use whatever you have on hand to group things (like my small class jars) and then purchase whatever you need afterwards, you’ll save money! When I’m running low on stuff I keep a list in my phone so I can grab it at the store, ensuring I’m never without what I need.

Kitchen- Under the Sink

Now let’s head under our kitchen sink, maybe the least photogenic part of our home haha! I used two wire baskets under here, each one helps organize cleaning supplies. On the right I have counter cleaner and disinfectant, stove and glass cleaner, furniture polish, etc.. On the left I have everything for the dishes- cleaning tabs, soap, brushes, and sponges, etc.. Behind it we keep bleach, soap, vases, and towels. I also like keeping our paper towels under the sink and out of sight with this holder. My main tip for under sinks is to give everything a place! This helps you tidy up quickly without the urge just to throw things back underneath.  Plus, when you remember where something is, you can quickly grab it and save time cleaning your kitchen after dinner!

Bathroom- Under the Sink

I’m not going to lie, this had gotten a little hectic for a while. Planning this home organization post was actually the perfect excuse to tidy it back up! I have it quite spread out, but if you share your sink with someone else, you could definitely condense this area! Here’s how I break everything down:

Left: I keep a basket with all my hair tools and brushes. I keep the most used ones on top, it seems messy but actually keeps things very handy. Behind it I have two big cosmetic bags, one is packed with smaller travel bags, the other with all my travel sized products- very handy for travel. In front of the basket, I have my large hair products. 

Middle: In the back you will find lotions, in front of that I have a small basket with gauze (read why/how I use them here) and another small basket with smaller hair products.

Right: In the back, I keep a small three drawer container that holds my razors, contacts and smaller lotions. On top, I house random boxed products and right next to it I keep my PMD and other electronic beauty devices. In front of all that, I keep two make up bags. The bottom is empty, on top is my everyday make up. I know it seems crazy to keep my everyday make up in here but I love that I can pull it out and quickly have everything I use or if I’m running somewhere, I can easily grab it and go. I have a small three drawer piece on my counter that holds more makeup that is for special occasions. 

My main tips: Just like the kitchen, using baskets to group similar items togehter is major. Also, having a spot for everything makes for easier finding and cleaning up. Take a day once a month to clean out and donate what you no longer use!

Bathroom- Under the Sink

RJ & I share three drawers in the middle of our sinks. Since I’m a girl with five million products, I get the bottom two and half of the top drawer, sorry babe! I keep most of my products in my middle drawer. To keep it from being a giant mess, I use many baskets and containers! Here’s the breakdown:

Big Basket: This houses all my skin care products. About once a month, I reorganize this but it usually stays pretty tidy. You wouldn’t believe it, but everything has a proper place and it tends to stay there! I group things together- pads and wipes, serums, medicated creams, moisturizers, eye creams. I have a smaller box within this box that holds samples, I try to save these for traveling since they’re usually tiny! (see my skincare posts here

Acrylic Organizer:  I use this to group together similar pieces. I have ring cleaners, my twinkle razors, small masks, and spot treatments, tweezers, extractors, my GloPro, lash serums, small elastics, etc.. It’s kinda like a more organized catch-all. 

I use the spots in between to also store things, I have my deodorant, contact solution, sheet masks, etc. stored in the slots. I also keep a small box of cotton pads and other random things in here too.  

budget organization hacks

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Ok, so was this helpful?! Even if it wasn’t the most informative method of organizing, my three must-haves are life changing and I always feel it’s interesting to get a peek into people’s behind the scenes (I love seeing what’s in blogger’s fridges, pantries, purses, etc.!). I am also going to share a tour on IG stories (@RileySitton) so be sure to follow along there, if you have any questions drop them below or DM me and I’ll be sure to answer them in my stories. If you miss the live tour, I’ll share it to my ‘Organization’ highlight tab. XO


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