Holiday Gift Guide: Manly Edition

Happy Saturday!! Your favorite little elf is back 😉 & today I’m sharing what to buy for the hardest people on my list… MEN. 

From my Dad to my Brother, my Grandpa and Boyfriend, I really have no idea what to get them EVER. I know why they’re so hard to shop for, it’s because they don’t sit around discussing things they want like women. Take my stepmom, we’ve been discussing items on our wish list for months now, but my dad.. not a peep!! Plus, I think whenever men want something it’s usually small and they just get it themselves without telling us and then we’re left with nada. Am I right?! 

Today I’m breaking down gifts for all types of men in your life, but still no pretty collage. I’m actually so horrible at technology and I’ve been working overtime trying to get this fixed with no luck.. but I hope you enjoy anyways! 

— FOR THE MUSIC MAN.  When we were redoing our bedroom earlier this year we bought a Record Player and we are both obsessed! This would be a great gift for a boyfriend because you get to use it, too! It’s so fun collecting records together now when we are out of town or visiting flea markets or antique stores. Another gift Babe love’s is his Wireless Speaker, especially because he can move it around the house with him & we can take it out to the lake or on the boat wherever we need it! He loves listening to it in the shower. This DIY Ukulele Kit is so unique! I think it would be so fun to build it together & then learn how to play it. I think this is also great for a brother (I can never figure out what to get mine and usually end up giving him socks!). 

— FOR THE MASTER CHEF. If you’re boyfriend loves to cook, you’re a lucky lady! I am usually the one whipping things up in our kitchen but my Dad loves to cook! I think this Bacon Bowl Maker is so neat and this Hot Dog Machine would definitely come in handy on game day! I love, love, love stocking up on books & this Mac n’ Cheese Recipe Book will look adorable in your kitchen + give you some yummy date night dinner recipes. Take breakfast in bed to a whole new level with this Mini Donut Maker.

FOR THE BEARD MANIAC. I don’t know about you guys, but Babe gets real serious about his beard this time of year! He loves trying out new products so I think this Grooming Essentials Kit would make the perfect unexpected gift. This Apron says it all. This Minimergency Kit isn’t all about a beard but still adorable.. it would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

–FOR THE BEER CONNOISSEUR. My stepdad loves a great beer so this category will be big on my list this year. I think this DIY Brewing Kit is so fun! This Beer Cap Map would be adorable hanging in a bar area or above a bar cart & he could fill it up with all his favorite bottle tops or maybe save a bottle top whenever he travels and place it in that spot! This Wheel of Shots Game is a great little gift or for Dirty Santa, cute & fun!! If  you’re looking for places to stock up for your bar cart, this is always my go to store. 

–FOR THE GADGET LOVER. I think this iGlide Scooter is the COOLEST thing ever. This site is my go to for electronics, I especially love the Under $100 Gifts Page for all your last minute gift needs. 

If you’re not loving anything on my gift list, I’m not mad but check out these sites that have pre made gift sections. I think this is a new feature of websites, and it’s a blessing sent from above! A few of my favorites are Nordstrom, Anthropologie (-they have men’s too!), Urban Outfitters and Amazon

And after all this hard shopping for others, make sure to pick something up for yourself too. 🙂 I just updated my SALES, STEALS & DEALS page so make sure to check it out! 

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