Here’s to 2016..

Hello from 2016! I hope everyone had an ah-mazing holiday season. Thanks for another great year with C & C! I cannot believe it’s January, the holidays were a whirlwind for sure. I think the older you get the faster and crazier they become. I really took some time off for family and friends. I feel refreshed and recharged.. ready for the year. 

With that being said, I’m excited for some big changes I have in store for 2016! Throughout last year, I think I shared 75% style posts and 25% lifestyle posts. I want Chacos & Chanel to be an extension of me and I am not 75% fashion. I love fashion, I love clothes and I love style but my life is filled with so much more and this year I want to balance all my posts on here like I balance every aspect of my life. Think of it as more of a peak inside my brain and life, not just my closet. 

I will still be posting outfits but I will also be sharing my favorite recipes (I love to cook & do almost every night!!), my favorite projects (I’m in the middle of two DIYs and cannot wait to share them!), and just about any and everything that pops up along the way. If you have any requests for posts or questions or just want to say hi.. please shoot me an email! 

I’ve removed the ‘Holiday’ tab from my menu bar but you can still search anything in the search bar (use keywords such as ‘weddings’, ‘shoes’, ‘free people’, etc.). I replaced this tab with travels (including Chattanooga faves!) and I’ve added a DIY tab under Home Decor! 

ps. I usually share a sneak peek of all my projects, recipes and everything via Snapchat. My username is RileyBrahm! 



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