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I am SO excited to share this post with you guys. Moving is.. well awful honestly. I am so happy it’s over but I’m so, so, SOOO happy that we moved so it all was worth it in the end!

Last time I left off with our moving update, we had just made an offer on a home and today you finally get to meet it! It was so nerve wracking.

We fell in love with this house the moment I found it online. In fact we only looked at it one time before we bought it. We loved the neighborhood, we loved the lot, we loved the house and it felt so perfect. I thought for sure it was too good to be true. I’ve never felt more anxious about something in my life. So, we looked at it and prepared to make an offer but we were informed that there was someone else also making an offer. The builders had until 5 pm on a Friday to get back to us with a decision and they finally called around 4:45 to tell us ours had been accepted. I’m about to cry again just typing it, it did not feel real.

This was our first time buying a home and it was hard looking at houses. We have actually been looking on and off for about two years, but this is the first time we actually felt serious about moving. There was one other time we made an offer on a house and looking back it’s so obvious that God was playing a huge role in finding the perfect home for us.

Our neighborhood is a dream. It’s filled with so many families and kids, we love it. Every night everyone is out playing, walking around and the dogs are in heaven y’all. Dallas will literally cry if we don’t let him go outside to see the kids. Luckily, I think all the kids like him too or his little heart (and mine!) would be broken. Doodle is afraid of the kids which is so funny. She’s finally warming up enough to where they can pet her if we’re by her too. RJ and I joke that when we finally decide to have kids, we will be surrounded by so many babysitters!

There were actually three houses in our neighborhood that we looked at. At first, I was very torn between two homes. One was ours and one was across the street. RJ was definitely more in love with ours but I really liked the other house too. Basically what made our final decisions were a few things.. in my opinion our house is classic, timeless and the perfect base. Not that it’s a fixer upper by any means but it’s the perfect amount of character that we can add our own touches and truly make it our home vs. the other home we looked at was more trendy. I like projects and I felt like the other house would be almost boring, not enough to do. The second factor was the lot. The other home backed up to a semi busy street, where our house overlooks an 80 acre farm! We get so much more privacy + a gorgeous view.

Our little home is starting to take shape but there is still a ton left to do. We are (not so) patiently waiting on our new couch that is 6 weeks late. We did finally get our blinds last night and I’m so excited with how they look!! We’re trying to work room by room until we get everything finished but I cannot wait to share the journey with you guys!! If you follow on Instagram (@RileySitton) be sure to click on #HomeSweetSitton so you can see all the home pictures in one place.

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