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This post has been sitting in my drafts for a month. I’ve been delaying it, nervous about being so raw and personal but hopefully this can maybe help someone else, so it’s time to share my journey! 

2018 has been a year. A crazy, unexpected, enlightening in its own crazy way, year. I joke with my friend Katelyn because my life is described in this one simple analogy this year- 

In January, I purchased a small bottle of Tea Tree oil from her. Simple right? You would have thought it was nothing… us too. But somehow that little Tea Tree oil has led us on the most comical journey. Months of failed receiving (TOTALLY MY FAULT, Katelyn is an angel), fail delivery attempts and my forgetfulness- led my friend Caylee to grab it from her mailbox on March 6th. Yes, 3 whole months later. 

Katelyn and I joked because nothing has described my life more this year. 

Like any start of the new year, I approached it with curiosity, positivity and thoughts of excitement of what’s to come. 2018 has not been negative, but it has been an unexpected roller coaster of ‘things’. Life events, news, testaments, journeys and more- all within these three short months. 

Some of it is not my story to tell, some of it is my story to tell; yet not the right time. One thing though, I’m ready to share. 

It’s not really a huge deal at all. If I saw you within my day to day routine, I would have told you right away. 

Last year, I struggled with some health issues. Nothing major, some anxiety (I’ve had anxiety since I was little and have always worked with a doctor to try to cope on my own vs. taking medicine. It came so young and I’ve always been one to hate medicine.). Some depression- not wanting to talk to my friends, not wanting to work or leave bed, not wanting to even travel with my family. Anger, impatience and aggravation towards RJ, my family and friends + female issues (absent periods + other hormonal issues). I had googled these issues one million and one times. I was positive my of my diagnosis. 

These weren’t necessarily new issues, just not as strong as before. See back before my wedding, I experience similar issues yet most doctors/OBGYNs attributed to wedding stress. I knew better though, yet I let it be swept under the rug. This year, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

By some miracle, the first doctor I saw this year actually listened to me. Not the kind of Doctor listen that’s scribbling random notes, but sat with me in the room for an hour and a half while I explained every little detail, every random symptom- just in case, cried and laughed. She was seriously a saint. 

I requested a full examination + a full blood panel, but we both already knew what it was. 

The next day I was diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

It’s actually really common! I think I read that 1 in 10 women have it, so I know I’m not alone (not necessarily a good thing, but having a community always helps right?). I also learned I had extremely low vitamin D. My doctor suggested that I start taking three medicines- prescription Vitamin D, Provera & Metformin. 

Lots of googling, four phone calls with the doctor’s office (saints I’m telling ya!), multiple phone calls with my parents and I decided to try it. 

The doctor warned me that the medicine may not work, it’s not for everyone and it often causes horrible digestive issues. I’m very fortunate that it did work for me and I’ve been taking it for almost four months now! In addition, I’ve been researching how diet and lifestyle play into PCOS. I don’t want to get too into this today because it’s a long story but I will have a post about what my diet is now and what I can no longer eat. 

Within a month, I began to feel like myself again. RJ was noticing how much more ‘me’ I was and everything was on the right path. I had a friend tell me ‘You know a lot of people have PCOS, it’s not that big of a deal‘ but when it’s changing my daily life and relationships, it’s a big deal for me! It’s definitely something that I’ve had to adjust to this year, and yes- I am so fortunate it’s not something worse. But I also hate that I went so many years without diagnosing it. 

All this to say, listen to your body. Seek help when you need it and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions! Change doctors if you don’t think your’s is actually listening. This post isn’t a huge deal, PCOS isn’t a huge deal, I’m learning and living and getting better! It did invoke many lifestyle changes though and since it’s basically my job to share my life with you guys, you deserve the full story. 

If you have any questions, want the name of my doctor or anything- please DM me or email me. I’m more than happy to help. Next Wednesday, I will follow up with my new dietary restrictions, needs and more so be sure to check back! XO 

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