I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you today! I still have plans to venture into YouTube and one of the main videos I want to share is different hair tutorials. I’ve learned that so many of my friends cannot do their hair at all! Which makes me happy because I love doing people’s hair and I’m always happy to help + I figured if most of my friends can’t curl their hair, then maybe my readers can’t either and it would be fun tutorials! 

Anyway, today I wanted to share some exciting news, a new project, a huge giveaway and hairy 4-1-1 on my hair! 

First! How adorable is this space? I’ve been working with one of my best friend’s Julie to help her open her dream salon and it’s been amazing. When she approached me about opening her own salon, I was 100% supportive of her, being a girl with my own crazy dream (ehm, blogging) I am always thrilled to be a part of others chasing their passions. 

I’ve been working since about mid July, to help Julie prep Juliet’s, build the social channels and launch the digital marketing. It’s been crazy, but what is my life if not insane! The craziest part was Juliet’s opened on August 1st, the same day we were closing on our house.

My friendship with Julie is proof that everything happens for a reason. About three-ish years ago, I went to a different stylist who turned my hair orange. Like Ronald McDonald orange. I had a major freak out and was given Julie’s number. She squeezed me in the next morning before the salon was even open and not only fixed my color, but my hair actually looked healthier than ever. 

We continued to become closer over the years and this past year we really became best friends. Not only are we best friends but we work well together too. She is an extremely hard worker and pours all of her energy and passion into every project. It’s an absolute joy to be on this adventure with her! 

I wanted to take this time to discuss all things hair. I told y’all about this post on IG stories and received so many great questions! I’m so excited to answer them and then talk about some fun things happening around the salon! 

 Your hair is so long! How do you get it to grow and stay healthy?

It’s fake! Julie specializes in Natural Beaded Row Extensions (also known as, NBR) an extremely popular and less damaging version of microbead extensions. Julie trained in LA to receive certification to install the NBR and she has me HOOKED on them. Y’all they’re amazing. 

Rj laughs at us and says I’ll be 80 calling Julie to put my weave in and he’s probably not lying. It takes about an hour or so to put them in and they last about 6-8 weeks before you need to move them up. You buy the hair from Julie, I have had both 9 pieces in but currently I only have 5 pieces in. The hair lasts about 7 months before needing to be replaced! It sounds #DivaLife, but it’s actually pretty low maintenance. The only thing I would suggest is investing in a nice blow dryer, they can take longer to blow dry! 

Besides that its wash, dry, style as normal. 

**Extension care isn’t anything crazy! You can use a deep conditioning mask as needed and swim with them in, too! If you do swim, Julie recommends braiding your hair instead of doing a ponytail or bun until you wash it. I also sleep with it in a low ponytail. I use a wet brush to remove any tangles. 

How do you keep up with light hair and a busy schedule? 

I complete understand this question! Blonde hair is hard work. There is so much up keep that comes along with blond locks. You run the risk of damaging your hair, it takes lots of appointments and you have to worry about the upkeep of the color (not turning brassy). Being a girl is hard! 

To keep cost down and not have monthly salon visits, Julie does foilayage with a deep smudge root. The smudge root helps growth look natural, aka less salon visits! I can go 3+ months in between visits if I use a little secret that is a game changer.. 


Ok, so Julie has tried to get me to use purple shampoo for years. She told me it combats brassyness and refreshes your blonde. I swear y’all my hair has never looked better and it’s extending my color life longer than ever. 

Lather your hair up with purple shampoo and let it sit for about 10 minutes before washing, only use it once a week though! You’ll think me later. 

One of my favorite other hair secrets is such a steal! I’m such a sucker for these $10ish curling irons. My hair holds a curl pretty well and I think these do the trick. I mainly love that you can order different sizes and experiment with what you like before splurging on a nicer curling iron. 

Check out Juliet’s Website for more info, pricing and to receive 10% your next service!! (Plus, you can check out what I’ve been working on for her!!) 

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Ok, these are my major hair tips for you. I will be back so soon with tutorials, including my classic curls, boho curls, fun braids and more. BUT! There’s more good news.. 

Juliet’s is celebrating their Grand Opening this Friday August 25th and you’re invited!! Come talk hair, Fall fashion, blogging, digital media, food, whatever you want honestly! I love to chit chat. We will have light bites, drinks, photos, giveaways and more.

Plus, we have a huge, huge giveaway launching Today. We’ve teamed up with Luxe Boutique for a grand prize giveaway featuring a special prize basket and gift card from Luxe, 50% off a hair service + other local faves for runner up prizes. Be sure to check out our Instagram for entry rules. (@Rileysitton, @JulietsBeautyLounge & @ShopLuxeBoutique).

I hope to see you all Friday! Check back tomorrow to meet #HomeSweetSitton. XO 

If you have any more hair questions, drop them below or on Instagram. 

This gorgeous Maxi Romper from Luxe Boutique is PERFECT for transitioning to Fall. It is long so it covers more giving that cooler weather vibe (without actually being too hot for the late summer nights) and blush is the it color for Fall. I can’t wait to wear it to a Fall wedding! 

Check out the Luxe Website here or call to order! 



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