Golden Hour

Monday is here and it is here in it’s full Monday (non) glory. If you follow me on Snapchat you saw my egg flip and major flop this morning. 

Two weeks ago I discovered I actually like eggs (I used to hate them!) and Babe got me the cutest mini skillet just for cooking eggs. It’s great and adorable but the only way you can flip a fried egg is by actually tossing it in the air and catching it with the pan. I’ve got the hang of it pretty quickly but like any millennial, social media obsessed 20-something, I had to do it while snapchatting. 

Needless to say, I didn’t catch the egg and it splattered everywhere. I made another one and did catch it (without snapping this time) but by the time I finished this fiasco my avocado toast was cold.. talk about first world problems.  (Jokes!! It was actually hilarious and I’m so happy I got it on video haha!)

I thought nothing would perk up a Monday better than the most gorgeous California golden hour and an even better outfit. Whenever I combine my all time favorite tee with a comfortable and affordable maxi skirt and top it off with insanely beautiful jewelry, well it speaks for itself. 

I’ve basically been living in these super versatile, super beautiful necklaces from Gold & Stone Jewelry. First, can you believe it’s handmade?! Second, all the pieces are able to be worn multiple ways so you’re getting SO much greatness for an even better price. 

I’ve been wearing these non-stop so be prepared to see them on the blog a lot but each time I’ve been able to wear them a new way, how fun is that! 

White V Neck Tee, Also Here *3 Colors // You’ve heard me talk about this tee a million times but it’s for real the best. It is effortlessly dressed up or down and has held up in great condition after 1,000,000 washes. 

Maxi Skirt // You would think that maxi skirts are easy to come by but they’re actually so difficult! This skirt is the perfect length, the side slits are revealing but not anymore revealing than your usual pair of shorts and looks adorable with a cute tee or nice top. You can’t beat the price either, under $25! 

Animal Print Slides  (Similar) // I love how easy these are to throw on but the animal print instantly adds a pop of interest to any outfit. They were great to have on my Cali trip because they were comfortable and easy to pack! 

| Wrap Necklace [℅] | Gem Necklace [℅] | Tie Dye Clutch [℅] | Karen Walker Sunnies$20 Dupe | Lace Bralette

I’ve been so caught up in my case of the Mondays that I forgot to tell you guys the MOST exciting news.. I have a wedding dress! I went this weekend with a few of my bridesmaids, my family and sisters and RJs mom to Nashville, we found the most gorgeous dress. It’s perfect! I’ll be sharing more about our experience on Wednesday.

My morning was rough but gave for a great laugh! I hope you’re day is going fabulous, thanks for sharing a little bit of it with me! Xo

White V Neck Tee *3 Colors | Maxi Skirt | Animal Print Slides  (SimilarWrap Necklace [℅] | Gem Necklace [℅] | Tie Dye Clutch [℅] | Karen Walker Sunnies, $20 DupeLace Bralette

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