Go Go Girl’s Guide: The Twinkle. Quick, Easy & Fabulous Hair Removal

I’m so excited to start a new series with you today! One thing I feel like I’ve mastered is being a ‘Go Go Girl’, especially this year. Between working, running the blog, planning a wedding, and having a real life (I’m a social butterfly, y’all!) I definitely am a Go Go Girl. 

I decided to share all my busy girl wisdom with y’all and the Go Go Girl Guide series was born! From quick recipes to running a household to dressing the part, I plan to cover it all. Today I’m starting with the dirty secrets, hair removal. 

I know, I know it’s a taboo topic, but I like to be transparent with y’all. When I learned about the Twinkle it was life changing and I had to share it! 

^^In Microderm heaven! Not only does it get hair, but it also gets off the dead skin.  

First, meet the Twinkle. This little fellow has become my BFF. Introduced to me by my MelMom, it removes any hair, any where. Disguised as an eyebrow razor, these suckers come in a pack of 36 razors for $12. I was a little hesitant at first, I thought for sure the hair would just come back heavier, darker and more often. Wrong! 

Not only does it get rid of all the hair, face, under arms, legs (those pesky ankle spots you always miss in the shower!) but it also removes dead skin and peach fuzz from your face making your makeup look smoother! Professional make up artist use these on their clients before big events for that airbrushed look. Your face will always feel like a baby’s bottom. I hit trouble spots as needed and do my entire face once a week.

I swear, this tiny little razor will change your life. I used to always be so self conscious about hair and now I never have to worry. It’s small and cheap, so you can easily stash one in your purse, car, everywhere!

A few tips for using the razors: Make sure you pull your skin tight in the area you are shaving. Hold it with one hand and lightly press the razor in and down. Your face doesn’t need to be wet but if you use any kind of facial oil, it does help remove the hair and leaves your skin so soft (but it’s fine without it too! I don’t use any oil).  I use one razor for 2-3 weeks and then toss it. The whole box lasts me around 6 months. 

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I hope you’re excited for this series as I am! It’s something that’s been brewing in my mind since April, but I’ve been too busy to carry out (how ironic is that? Ha!). What is your busy girl beauty secret?! I would love to add it to my routine.

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