Go Go Girl’s Guide: Looking Put Together in a Flash

Monday, here again! If one thing is certain, I’m usually feeling a little hectic at the start of the week. I shared a few ways to beat your case of the Mondays in this post, but today I wanted to share a Go Go Girl’s Guide to looking and feeling put together in a flash. 

Running late it’s easy to throw on your favorite pair of leggings and oversized tee, throw your hair in a messy bun and feel blah. With a few tricks, an extra 5 minutes and maybe a can (or two) of dry shampoo, you can look like the goddess you know you are without having to wake up before the sun. 

It’s easy to feel defeated by day old hair. I’m the number one person when it comes to throwing your hair on top of your head. While a messy bun can be super chic in some situations, it can also look messy. 

Dry Shampoo is my BFF. Not only is it bad to wash your hair everyday (it can cause it to dry out and strips your hair of healthy oils), but it’s also so annoying to wash/dry/style your hair that often! I usually don’t need to wash my hair but 2/3 times a week –I take lots of baths in between. Besides taking away the grease, dry shampoo also adds volume and texture. Both are great for styling your hair, creating chic ponies or fun braids. 

Headbands. Adding a great accessory can help hide any unsightly roots or interest to lackluster locks. This is my all time favorite place to buy headbands. Headbands also are the perfect accessory to dress up a basic black tee dress or your favorite denim. 

Curling Iron. It may just be me, but a straightener always makes my hair look greasier when it’s dirty. A curling iron is the perfect tool to touch up the top layer of my hair. I try to blow dry my hair every time I shower so it’s smooth and ready to be styled for the next few days, (my hair dries super curly if I don’t dry it). Read my full post about blow drying my hair here. I touch up any flat pieces or fly aways by curling the top layer of my hair. 

I am not one of those girls who has to wear a full face of make up to step out of the house. However, a few things can help enhance your ‘natural look’ while keeping it light and bright. I call this my 5 minute ‘no make up’ make up. 

Moisturizer + Foundation. This is one of my all time favorite tricks. After washing my face, I pump some moisturizer on the back of my hand (about the size of a nickel), I then pump some foundation right on top of the moisturizer (about the size of a pea). I mix the two together on the back of my hand and apply to my face. I love this trick for so many reasons. It’s a lighter coverage than just applying moisturizer then foundation (aka less cakey), it saves time because you’re doing them both at once and it makes your foundation last so much longer.

Under Eye Concealer. I have horrible circles. I drink SO much water, take allergy medicine and they are still so dark. I love this drugstore one for everyday use. The trick is to put it in a triangle under your eyes and let it sit for a few minutes before rubbing it in. If it’s a special occasion I use this one over it. 

Mascara. If I had to pick one makeup to use the rest of my life, it would be mascara. I am an addict. I love how it opens up my eyes, makes me look more awake and like an actual human, HA! This is my favorite ‘name brand’ mascara, but I feel like this is a great drugstore dupe version.  

ps. I no longer have to do my make up on the floor! I found a stool for my vanity and was able to move all my make up there, the lighting is still great (the lighting in our bathroom is awful) and now I can do it in comfort! See how it’s set up in our bedroom tour. I think the dogs miss me being on their level though. 😉 

Finally, you have to find an outfit that is easy to throw on yet looks put together. If you have time and remember, always set your clothes out the night before. It can save so much time in the morning and leaves you feeling less stressed. It also helps your closet from looking like a war zone. 

If you don’t have time to lay everything out before hand, pick tried and true pieces. Running late or when you’re in a hurry isn’t the time to test new trends, mix new patterns or try something you’ve never done before. Reach for things that you know work well for your body. If you’re already feeling flustered, you want to be as comfortable and confident in your choices as possible. 

To pack a punch with little effort, pick one or two of your favorite statement pieces and build from there. For my outfit I picked this military vest, which is a staple in my Fall wardrobe and the perfect transition booties. I completed the look with my go to denim shorts and all time favorite white tee

The Half Tuck. This is one of my all time favorite tricks that I swear by. The half tuck is a little trick that instantly pulls outfits together, makes a $3 tee look like a million dollar look and makes you appear slimmer. #CanIGetAnAmen To do the half tuck, you take the front section of your top and tuck it into your shorts/skirts/pants. Then you pull out on the top by your belly to make it look looser, more casual. It adds shape and dimension to an outfit and is a lifesaver. 

Finish your look off with minimal accessories. I always reach for my ‘S’ necklace. Babe gave me this for our engagement pictures and I absolutely love it. I wear it almost everyday + my engagement ring and my apple watch. Having a few pieces that you wear daily, keeps it simple and quick. 

When you look put together, you feel put together and your day runs smoother. I’m all for a smoother Monday, y’all! Give me my favorite outfit and a large coffee and I feel like I could conquer anything. I hope these tips can help your day be a great one and your Monday be short! Thanks so much for dropping in. 

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| Moisturizer | Foundation | Mascara | Under Eye Concealer

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