Get Schooled: Cozy Closet Necessities

No matter if you’re a student, freshly in post grad life, CEO, retired or somewhere in between cozy Fall pieces are essential for your wardrobe. 

Every time I start a post for you guys I want to start it with WOW WOW WOW. Honestly I don’t know when this urge started but I just get so excited about my post and I feel like that’s the best way to express my emotions. Today I’m excited because I’m kicking off the first post of my College series! Since I’m basically a forever student (more below) I figured I should share what I’ve learned over these past 5 years.. & even if you’re not a student these tips/tricks are great for budgeting at any age! 

So.. I moved across Tennessee 5 years ago. I was 17 and never felt more ready to leave Memphis (I started kindergarten at 4 so I’ve always been the youngest in my class). I always pictured myself at Ole Miss and never even looked at other colleges. I applied to UT Chattanooga as a back up but I already had my plans/dorm mate/schedule for Ole Miss. 1 week before I was set to move to Oxford I decided ‘nah’. I honestly can’t even tell you what happened or why I decided to change schools but I do remember driving down the street and suddenly thinking ‘I’m moving to Chattanooga instead’ (–I hadn’t even seen the campus..) I called the school while driving and got everything set up. I was officially a Moc! 

This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I love Chattanooga so much and will probably never move from this city. Fast forward two years and I was 19, an education major and presented with an opportunity to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep. I remember sitting in one of my education classes and telling my classmate I’m changing my major, I’m going to be a pharm. sales rep! She looked at me like I was crazy. I am crazy but I like to make radical decisions obviously & this felt right. 

A week (& a few) all nighters later I was spending my days in Spine Surgery. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but pushing myself into such an intimidating experience changed who I was for the better. Since I was in surgery most days from 6am-3 or 4 pm I decided to take a break from school. I worked in the OR for 2 years and I loved it but I did want to finish school. As of this Summer I am a student again & I have a new major but that’s for a different day. 

Freshman year I loved to go to class in an oversized tee + nike shorts/leggings combo but as I get older I understand the importance of looking half way decent for class. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you’ll look more professional. With that being said I still like to be comfortable! I consider this my Fall “uniform” (I’m a Catholic school girl who still cries because I miss my plaid skirts and saddle oxfords!) and it’s especially nice because all these pieces are so versatile. 

  • The Softest Two-Way Sweater: This sweater is honestly so soft, I could wear it 24/7 and die happy. I really fell in love when I realized not only can it be worn open and casual but it converts into the cutest, dressy sweater (I’ll post pictures of it soon!). It comes in three colors and is perfect for everyday wear & cold classrooms. 
  • Distressed Skinny Jeans (Less distressed version): There’s a lot of great distressed denim out there but very few pairs are this comfortable (almost feels like leggings) and under $60! You can dress these up or down easy as pie. 
  • Cute & Functional Tote Bag: I received this Louis Vuitton never full as a 21st Birthday present or I would n e v e r have been able to afford it on a student’s budget! Luckily there are so many great options that are the same shape/quality and so adorable. This one is 25% off right now with code ‘WEAREFAMILY’ and can be monogrammed. This one comes in many colors and is amazing quality. You can throw everything into these bags & still look stylish not like a bag lady. 
  • Comfy Boots: Walking around campus can be tiring and you want to have comfy shoes! I love the edge a flat OTK boot adds to any outfit. These tie in the back so they will stay up on any leg (even you lucky ladies with those teeny tiny thighs!). These are a money saver and super cute!
  • A Functional (& Adorable) Planner: This one is a lot cheaper than most options out there! I love how much space it has to write in and comes with adorable stickers. I LOVE STICKERS! 

I hope you are as excited about this series as I am! If you have any specific topics you would like me to cover please submit it here



| Two-Way Sweater | White Tank | Distressed Jeans | Black OTK Boots (Similar, Similar) | LV Neverfull Tote (Similar *25% Off with Code ‘WEAREFAMILY’, Similar) | Planner | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

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