Fringe-y + How Chacos & Chanel Began

Yesterday, while Babe has some meetings, I parked at Starbs to do some work and catch up on some emails. I also worked on my media kit (similar to a resume) and I started thinking about when this whole thing all began. I don’t know if I’ve ever really shared why I do this crazy blog thing or how Chacos & Chanel came to life, so I thought today would be the perfect day! 

But first, I have to talk about this little fringe number that I’m obsessed with. White x White is one of my favorite color combos. It’s classic yet trendy, easy to throw on but looks put together, perfect for any season. Add in some camel details and we are talking about the holy grail of chic. I will be repeating this look many times until I can pair this fringe knit number with my favorite denim shorts.

This is my TGIF dance, who’s with me?!

| T H E   B R E A K D O W N | 

Knit Tank *Size Up // This tank is incredible for Spring and Summer. I’m so happy to share it with y’all because it’s perfect for any type of dresser (risk taker, conservative and everything in between). If you are looking to show a little skin, wear a lace bralette or bandeau underneath. If you want to cover up more pair it with a cami and a fun blazer (I’m loving this $17 hot pink one). Meet somewhere in the middle with a nude tank underneath and shorts for summer! 

White Denim *True to Size // White jeans are a classic & every woman should have a great pair in her closet. This pair is super soft and ultra flattering. I suggest this pair because they will last you year after year, season after season. If you are looking for a cheaper pair, I love these. They are super cute but may only last you one season. 

Leather Jacket (Similar*Three Colors // A leather jacket is a chic way to stay warm in between seasons. I love the baby blue version of this one. You can throw it on in the morning when it’s cool and tie it around your waist once it warms up. 

| Crossbody BagBallet Flats *17 Colors!Round Ray Bans | Nail Polish | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

A little behind the scenes with C&C:

I get a lot of emails and questions about starting blogs, how to blog, why I blog or the always funny ‘Do you think you’re a model?’ –that one is a quick no with a hint of embarrassment! (When I first started I actually styled my friends and shot them because I did not want to be in front of the camera). If you’re reading this and hoping I’ll spill the secret formula to blogging, I wish I could but honestly there is no secret formula. Next week I want to share some tips on starting, growing and maintaining a blog but today I thought it would just be fun to tell you about my background in fashion.  

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved clothes. Not just shopping but any part of fashion I could get my hands on. I’ve spent HOURS in my closet, my mom’s closet, my grandma’s closet trying on pieces, making new outfits & looking for new accessories. I used to cut up my clothes and safety pin/glue/sew them into new shapes (sorry mom!). If I couldn’t find what I envisioned in the store, I made it. My school papers were covered in doodles of clothes, shoes and wedding dresses. Even when I had to work on a group project, I would turn it around to be about fashion (in History I did a paper & photoshoot of outfits they wore in the 1800’s). I always knew I would have a job in fashion, I just didn’t know what. 

In third grade, I began making flip flops. You probably remember these.. they were bits of pot holder material, tied around the top part. I made these + other designs.. I had some with water balloons tied on them, some with fabric tied on them and more! They were sold in shoe stores around Memphis and I even had a celebrity client!! (Kelly Ripa & her daughter!) 

Fast forward about 10 years and I was 19. I worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep and spent most of my days in the OR. I loved the marketing aspect but missed the days filled with creativity. One night, I googled blogging and decided to give it a whirl. 

I had zero blog contacts, I had never even really read a fashion blog before. I literally Googled every single thing I could. I learned a little about HTML coding and I started snapping photos with my iPhone. My original blog was called the Riley Brahm Project and that’s exactly what it was a project, a work in progress. I blogged for about 3 months and like every other girl who’s ever tried to blog learns.. it’s so hard to be consistent. Here I was working full time, going to school, maintaining a social life & relationship with RJ and raising a golden retriever puppy. I didn’t have very much free time and what time I did have I wasn’t wanting to spend writing to a pretty much non-exist audience. I quit. 

Three months went by and I missed blogging. I wanted to start back up but I was worried it was too late. I decided I needed to revamp everything and Chacos & Chanel was born. I was inconsistent for a year or so and decided to take the plunge and go full time last year. I love blogging so much and I’m so grateful for every single one of you guys. 

I want to be as helpful as I can for you guys so if you need anything I’m here.. if you need recipes, blogging tips, outfit help or just someone to chat with! I’m going to share more blogging tips once a week for you guys so let me know if you want to see something specific! & If you love Chacos and Chanel, please share it with your friends!! Have a great weekend babes!! 

| Fringe Top | White Jeans, Similar | Leather Jacket (Similar) | Crossbody | Ballet Flats *17 Colors | Round Ray Bans | Nail Polish | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

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