Friday Fill In 1.26.18

Hello! Remember me? It’s been a lil’ bit. but I’m back! 

I know most of you probably don’t even realize when I go MIA for a little bit but incase you do, I wanted to explain where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing (or not doing).

As you probably (maybe) know.. I work a little more than part time (about 3/4 time if that’s a thing) and blogging is just my hobby 1/4 of a time job. So when I get stressed/busy/sick/in a bad mood, this is usually the first thing off my list (especially when like five things are getting crossed off my list). I don’t like that this is happening but it’s just reality.

So this January, I think the months of traveling, holidays, cold weather, everything just hit me at once and I shut down. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to talk to my friends or hang out with family or do anything. I just needed time to refresh and recollect my thoughts.

Anyway. I did! I always miss blogging and I’ll a l w a y s come back to you guys. All the boring stuff aside, I’m going to be actually back blogging on Monday with some fun January content. Think ‘How I refreshed this month’, ‘All About Planners’, ‘Making a Budget’ & more.

One other series I wanted to bring back was the Friday Fill In.

Do you guys remember?! If you don’t or you’re new.. it’s basically just a bunch of random stuff from the week that I’m obsessing over or loving or maybe even hating! I also want to include popular questions & DMs from social media + the answers incase others are wondering! 

J A N U A R Y   faves.
GG CrispbreadsOMG. Y’all these are seriously my favorite. At first I was hesitant but now I cannot get enough. They really don’t taste like anything, just crunchy but they are SO filling. I eat two for breakfast with eggs and hummus or avocados & I really stay fuller throughout the whole day. Plus, they are a good size & are only 20 calories for two. I’m working on a post with 10 ways to eat them but I highly suggest trying them!

7 Piece Airtight Container: I’ve had my eye on the OXO Containers, but could not justify spending $100+ for kitchen storage. We’re making some changes in our kitchen and my baking cabinet contents will be visible so I needed to up my storage game but without breaking the bank, ya know? I found the 7 piece container kit & it’s just like the OXO but almost $70 cheaper! #OhYesPlz

– A cold and snowy January meant lots of Netflix binging. Hubs found a new series called Travelers and I became oddly obsessed. It was a little Sci-Fi but seriously just a tad. If you’re bored or looking for a binger, you should definitely watch an episode or two (you’ll be hooked). I have an older post of Netflix faves and I’m thinking I should update it soon? Whaddya think?!

– Aerie! I’m obsessed lately! I got the cutest camo leggings (*On Sale!) and they are oh so cozy. I seriously have to stay away from the store because somehow everything is so cute and always on sale?! On my list that I want to buy next: this cutie Tie Dye Set.   

Just because it’s January and I’m trying to rid my body of the five million sweets & casseroles I devoured over the holidays doesn’t mean my sweet tooth is gone. I have the biggest sweet tooth. Lately I’ve been making banana slices dipped in melt dark chocolate chips + coconut oil. It’s so easy and the perfect little bite for satisfying your sweet tooth. I’ll share the exact tutorial on IG next week.

– I’m dying to order this piece for our living room. February marks 6 months in our new home and the living room is *almost* finished! It’s the closest room in the house to being completed and I’m dying!! I’m going to do a post on every room in our house + the progress we’ve made so far & what we are planning to do this year. I’m excited to show y’all how my vision of modern + farmhouse has come together. I really feel it fits Hubs & I style perfectly. Sooo should I pull the trigger on that piece?! It’s on sale for around $300 and I feel like it’s SUCH a steal. Plus, I’ve been LIVING for black home accents lately. 

V A L E N T I N E ‘ S  on the brain.
Lately, I’ve been loving all things love. February is right around the corner and you better believe this girl will be on Cloud Number 9. While I still don’t know what I’m getting the hubs or what we will do for V-Day, I do know I ordered these heart shaped sunglasses (in two colors, whoops). I’m not going to lie, I most likely will end up rockin’ these babies way longer than just Valentine’s Day.

If you’re also crushing on Valentine’s Day, Asos has a lot of goodies from lingerie to BFF bracelet sets and more that will be perfect for Date Night to Galentine’s Day brunches and everything in between. I ordered this Tortoise Heart Clip & these adorable Heart Hoop Earrings *bonus both under $10!. 

How do y’all feel about Friday Fill In?! I’ll be sure to save my FAQ’s this week, so I can share them here next week. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

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