Friday Fill In 1.13.17

After a busy week, I thought it would be fun just to ramble with you guys! January is my least favorite month, even though this one has been pretty spectacular, I just feel like it’s a little blah. I decided to take the day to reflect on my resolutions, what’s to come this year, what I’m currently loving and a few things I’m currently lusting after. 

Something about January just screams pampering! I always stock up on new beauty items after Christmas and I’ve found three new favorites. I love, love, love these sheet masks. I do one every Sunday night and it leaves my skin feeling so soft, bright, balanced and glowing! My MelMama gave me these exfoliating wipes in my stocking and I’m hooked. I do one every night after washing my face and Babe noticed a difference in my skin after the first use! I’ve already restocked because I’m so obsessed. She also gave me these Collagen Eye Pads, I keep them in the fridge and use them in the morning. The cooling feels so good and they help with bags, swelling or lines! Finally, all that Christmas sweets and drinking seemed to catch up on my skin. If any pimples pop up, I use this before bed and it dries them out overnight. Even Kylie Jenner swears by it! 😜 

Give me all the cozy cardigans! I am obsessed with this brand!! I don’t know what it is about a soft, easy to throw on cardigan but it gets me every time. I’ll link a few of my favorite pieces below. These also transition SO well in the Spring with a pair of denim shorts and cute tennies! 


Much like the rest of my feelings for January, I am a little ‘blah’ in my outfit selection as well. I am definitely reaching for comfort this month over high fashion. My two go to pieces are these Adidas tennis shoes & my Apple watch

I absolutely love how my Apple watch keeps me on track with my resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, how are yours going? I’m trying to start out slow and steady so I can keep them going all year long. I talked about my goals for this year here and although I don’t think I’ve formed any new habits yet, I do think I’ve been working at getting better. It’s all about progress right!? 

Remember it’s better to take baby steps and stay consistent with your goals instead of jumping in and giving up after a couple of days. It’s all about balance y’all! 

If Santa brought you an Apple watch this year, I recently picked up this leather wrap band for days that I want to dress it up! I love having the rubber one when I work out, but it’s such an easy and stylish swap. Santa also brought me this dock, and I loooove it! Not only does it make charging my watch easier, but it turns into a clock on my nightstand! #OBSESSED 

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I am dying to make this Chocolate Chip Banana Bread this weekend! I start training for a 5k (remember starting small, baby steps. Ha!) Monday and I know I will have such a sweet tooth. A small slice of this with some almond butter will definitely hit the spot! If you’re interested about my training plan for the 5k, I would love to share it with you guys! It’s great for anyone interested in taking up running. My mom followed this training plan when she very first started running 15 years ago and now she’s done countless marathons and three ironmen! I doubt I’ll go that extreme but let’s hope I can make it through the 5k. 

What are your big weekend plans?! We’re excited to watch the Cowboys play Sunday and enjoy this crazy warm weather. I am not complaining, I am 1000% ready for Spring! xo 

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