Favorite Amazon Purchases

Sliding down the Amazon Prime slope is a slippery one. One minute you’re heading to Amazon to look at a book and next thing you know you’ve loaded your cart up with so many random things you don’t even know what’s what! Lately, my Melmom and I have been testing out a lot of new products. At first, these products seemed silly or a waste of money.. but each and everyone has become a staple for us!

Acupressure Mat – I’ve snapchatted this one a bunch and I always get the same question.. ‘You sleep on that thing?!‘ . No I don’t! This is a mat that you lay on anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but then it’s the most relaxing feeling ever. Your body begins to feel very relaxed, at peace and happy. The benefits of an acupressure mat are endless, the favorite benefits I’ve seen are back pain relief, anxiety relief, better sleep and better overall mood. RJ loves it too and we usually take turns laying on it at night before bed. You can read more benefits here. For the price of a couple Starbucks runs, it’s definitely worth a shot! I swear you’ll be hooked too. 

To use: When you’re first starting out, you can place the mat on your bed, couch or softer surface. Lie on the mat for 10 minutes the first time, increasing your increments by 5 minutes each time. You can also stand on it, lay on your stomach, side, etc. Each provides different benefits! 

Ice Roller – This thing is the perfect cure for too many margaritas, chinese food the day before or just a great wake up call. People have been paying big bucks for ice facials (the benefits are endless) and this little tool is so handy and cheap! I roll my face every morning and have seen a refreshed, tighter feeling face, smaller pores and a healthier looking face. Plus it feels great and helps with puffiness. I love to do this while enjoying my coffee. All my friends run to my freezer as soon as they come over to use the roller! We’re all addicted. 

To use: Keep the roller part in the freezer, every morning attach roller to handle and roll all over your face and lips applying a little bit of pressure.

Eye Pads – Mel originally gave me these in my stocking last Christmas and I was so excited to try them. I have always struggled with dark undereyes and puffiness even though I drink a ton of water. Not only does it run in the family, but it also has a lot to do with my allergies! I keep these eye pads in the fridge and fell in love the first time I tried them. I was a little sad I loved them so much because I was expecting them to be $$$, I was blown away when I found out how cheap they are! 60 sheets for $6! I can’t think of anything better.  

To use: Keep them in the fridge, after washing your face but before applying make up apply one to each eye. Leave on at least 5-10 minutes. Once you remove them, gently use a finger to pat the remaining serum into your under eye. Let dry and apply make up as normal!

Beauty Dust – This is the product I was most skeptical about. I thought for sure it wouldn’t do anything and was a giant waste of money! Boy was I wrong. Not only has it helped my skin, nails and hair, it also curbs my hunger and puts me in the best mood! I use to be a serial snacker with a love of sweets and I hardly ever snack or want dessert when I take this dust. Be still my heart. I read a few of the other reviews to make sure it wasn’t just in my head and everyone said they will never go without this product again and I 100% agree! 

To use: Mix one packet in a drink every morning. I mix mine in my green juice every morning! The dust is a little sweet and makes my juice a little sweeter as well.

Garment Rack – This is something I wanted for a while but for some reason took so long to order! I’m so happy I finally did because it’s life changing. As a blogger, it’s great to hang up pieces that I need to shoot or planning to shoot. As a non-blogger, it’s great for planning my outfits for the week, hanging up new pieces that I love or just decorating to look adorable! I placed some of my favorite Spring shoes under the clothes + a new Spring tote and I could just stare at it all day! Bonus: it’s only $15! Yay! 

Apple Watch Accessories – Finally, I love these few accessories that have really jazzed up my Apple watch. My apple watch is my baby, I love it. Since I wear the rubber band while working out, I  wanted to snag a new band though to wear with cuter outfits. This double wrap band is so cute and cheap! It reminds me of the band that comes with the Hermes Apple Watch but 1/50th of the price, ha! In addition to the band, I received this dock for Christmas. Honestly, it was something that I wouldn’t have bought myself at first but now that I have it I don’t know how I lived without it! I hated charging my watch because it always fell off and I hated how the dot looked on my nightstand. This dock is sleek plus keeps the watch in place all night. 

I know all these products may seem a little strange or unneccessary, but each one has made my life easier, better and honestly made me feel better as a person! What are your favorite Amazon purchases? I would love to hear if you try of any of these products and what you think!


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