Favorite Amazon Purchase #2

After my first Amazon Favorites Post, it’s clear y’all are just as obsessed with Amazon as I am. Rejoice for #MiseryShopaholicsLoveCompany 😉 

The thing about Amazon is that it’s so easy to order from and with Prime, it’s here so quickly. This isn’t sponsored by Amazon but boy I wish! I have seriously fallen so madly in love with their site, I wish I could order every single thing off there — pretty soon I think I might be able to! 

Wax Melter — This one seems too good to be true, I keep waiting for it to explode or something because for the price it’s amazing y’all! This little cutie plugs in and melts small candles or wax squares producing the most incredible aroma. Since we’re trying to sell our house, whenever someone comes over to look at it I will turn this on before I leave with the pups and it smells ahh-mazing. It’s basically like an Anthropologie Candle on steroids AND I WILL TELL YOU THE BEST SECRET.. Walmart sells the wax squares 6 for $1 and the brown sugar pie smells incredible. 

Twinkle Face Razor — These have been my babies for over a year now. I recently had to reorder them and realized I didn’t include them in my last favorite’s post! These not only get rid of any unwanted hair but also get rid of dead skin! Read the full post about them here

Face Steamer — I am a huge, huge fan of face masks. I do one every other day, sometimes every day. I spoke with an esthetician about how much a steamer can open up your pores and make your mask so much more effective. Read my four favorite masks here

Pop Socket — Everyone laughs at me for having this on my phone but it helps SO much. My phone was hurting my pinky and so hard to hold and this makes it a million times better. Only $5-10 each and so cute! It also makes a great stand if you are ever watching videos/tv/youtube tutorials on your phone. 

Sunglass Rack — This is a hidden gem!! It’s technically a nail polish holder but it works perfectly as a sunglass rack! I have struggled for years on how to store my sunnies and this was the absolute perfect solution and only $27!! It holds 18 pairs in total and is the perfect excuse to splurge on those new sunnies you’ve been eyeing! 

Silk Pillow Case — I laugh because I tell people our dog is the only one I know who not only sleeps in the bed but also sleeps on a silk pillow case ha! Seriously though, these things are awesome. Not only do they feel great, they’re better for you. Silk is hypoallergenic, lets your skin breathe, less breakage to your hair and more. Right now they’re on sale for under $20, so treat yo self girl.   

I’m not going to lie, things got a little dangerous when writing this post for you and I ordered 4 more things off Amazon.. so it looks like part 3 won’t be too far behind haha! Do you have any Ama-obsessions I need to add to my list?!

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