2019 Home Trends: Faux Olive Trees

When January rolls around, Christmas presents are put away and your house looks so clean, blank and bare. It’s the perfect clean slate for a new year. No holiday decor, no clutter – you can easily see what you have and what you need. This year I moved our faux banana plant upstairs when we had our Christmas trees out and I fell in love with how it looks in my office. When Christmas was over, we needed something to fill the space in our living room. One of our many target visits led RJ & I to fall in love with this Faux Olive Tree.

faux olive trees faux olive trees faux olive trees

We actually have a fun little story behind it. On our honeymoon, we road tripped through Italy and while in Tuscany, we stopped to pick olives off of olive trees. It was so fun and such an unforgettable experience. When we spotted this little cutie, we knew we had to have it! A few days later, scrolling the internet, I read an article that said ‘Olive Trees are the New Fiddle Leaf Figs‘ and now I’m spotting faux olive trees everywhere.

To be fair, I still love fiddle leaf figs but these are a fun, refreshing change that brings in an airiness, Mediterranean vibe. I decided to round up a few of my favorite Faux Olive Trees below + a few cute baskets to put them in, happy shopping!

faux olive trees

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What do you think? I’m getting so excited for Spring, all the greenery makes me dream of warmer, sunnier days. What are some other 2019 home trends you’re loving? I love how warm and cozy things are looking this year. Check out more home posts over on Instagram- #HomeSweetSitton. Have a great, great Monday, XO. 

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