Fall Decorations on a Budget- Farmhouse Faves under $30

Fall is in the air! The official countdown is on, we’re only a few days away from September and the pumpkins are here to play. Fall decorations are my favorite for multiple reasons- first, fall is my favorite season. I love everything that comes with the season. I also love Fall decorations because they’re cozy, adorable and affordable! Plus, they can be left up for so long (until Christmas!) so I don’t feel guilty for going a little overboard.

Today, I’m here to share our Fall decorations for inspiration + all my tips & tricks for decorating your house no matter what your budget is!

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kitchen decorfall dining room

entry hall decor

fall tables cape

buffet decor

dining room fall tablescape

*See our Dining Room Post HERE. We recently ordered a new light fixture and commisioned an artist for a piece for our back wall! I cannot wait to see everything come together. 

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decor

fall kitchen decorSee our Kitchen Tour HERE

fall breakfast nook

fall tablescape

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fall living room

fall living room

fall living room

fall living room decor

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I have a few steps that I take whenever I’m decorating for a new season..

Plan. I plan a few different ways. First, I like to scour Pinterest for inspo. (Follow my Home board HERE!) I try not to search for typical ‘Fall’ decorations though or I find it looks a little cheesy. Instead, I’ll search for things such as ‘Cozy Homes’ or ‘Cozy Decor’. I may also search for some Fall and see if anything good catches my eye. In addition, I go back through my old Fall posts and see what I did in previous years. Once I figure out what ‘vibe’ or look I’m going for, it’s easier to shop and style with a purpose, creating a cohesive look throughout our house. This year I went with a neutral, cozy farmhouse Fall vibe. I liked this style because it flows well with our current decor and I knew I could leave it up through Thanksgiving, adding complimenting pieces for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

Prep. After I have a plan, I start prepping for shopping and decorating. I know this sounds like a lot of work but I love decorating, especially for holidays, so this is a fun process for me. Plus, being prepared helps save money which I also love. I always decorate after I’ve cleaned the house, it helps you really see what you have, where stuff should go and just makes the process easier. Next, I pull any decorations that are Summery and pack them up. I finally pull all the Fall decorations from the attic and place them in one room. This helps me see what I have and gives me an idea of what I need to buy. If you know you need a specific item, definitely shop for it before decorating but if not- try and use what you have. You may be surprised how far it takes you and could save you a lot of money.

Shopping. The fun part? The scary part? Maybe a little of both? I love shopping but I don’t think my bank account does! I do however have some great tips to help you save major money this year. Here are my tips:

  • Start at the ‘Cheap’ Stores. You may think Fall decorations and start dreaming of Homegoods, World Market or Target’s beautifully lined shelves. Me too – BUT these can also be way more pricey. I’ve found that often Walmart and Dollar Tree have Fall decorations that are super similar/almost identical to the big name stores for a much better price. You can also check thrift shops and antique stores for pieces that may not necessarily be ‘Fall’ but fit your vision so well. I feel like a mix of Fall decor and home decor is the perfect mix to create a beautiful, not cheesy, home!
  • Research. If you hit the cheaper stores and don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, head to the big name stores but research. Sometimes I will take photos on my phone with the price tag and see who has the cheaper option. If it’s just a few dollars, I most likely won’t make the trip back but if it’s a major price difference, it’s definitely worth the second trip. You can also look online before heading out to shop and see how the prices compare.
  • Think Outside the Box. Don’t just look for pumpkins or things that are specifically ‘Fall’ decor. Grabbing items that can be used year-round is the perfect way to get the most out of your money. A few items I grabbed for Fall: wire basket, trays, vintage pots, pillows, new pots (we got these at Target for $9 and I’m obsessed!), etc. 
  • Save Your Receipts. I always buy a little more than I think I need but save my receipt. If I find something that is a good deal, I’d rather have more than needed than have to pay more later. Returning things can be annoying but sometimes it’s necessary.

Decorating. So, after I have everything I need to decorate, all in one spot- it’s go time! I pick my favorite pieces and start with those. I usually put them in a spot we use the most so I can see them most often! My two major spots are the front porch and our kitchen/breakfast nook area. Any pieces I have after that fill in wherever else. Since it’s early in the season, I’m only putting out faux pumpkins but once September rolls around I cannot wait to add some real pumpkins! When you are decorating, I like to mix and match styles. I rearrange a few pieces in our house (I moved a stool from the living room to the porch, pillows around etc.) refreshing what you have is another great way to save money!

*I will share videos of all my Fall Decorations on Instagram Stories & saved to my ‘Fall’ highlight tab on my profile. Be sure to check it out at @RileySitton

Here are a few of my favorite Fall decorations you can order online for under $30!

fall decorations collage

| 1. Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers ($11) | 2. Wire Basket ($23) | 3. Set of White Pumpkins ($25) | 4. Paper Mache Pumpkin ($6) | 5. Wire Pumpkin ($10) | 6. Faux Eucalyptus Greenery ($29) | 7. Leather Tray ($29) | 8. Galvanized Caddy ($16) | 9. Ceramic Pumpkin ($15) | 10. Fringe Throw Blanket ($17) |

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