Best Face Self-Tanner + How to Easily Apply (MESS FREE)

As I get older, one thing is for sure- I DO NOT like getting sun on my face. #NoThanksWrinkles but I also want to be tan, you know? No worries, I have found the best Face Self-Tanner.

I call it the best for a few key reasons, this face self-tanner is affordable, easy to add to your current morning routine, easy to use and doesn’t make you orange. There’s nothing more you could ask for!

Face self-tanner

Meet Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (I wear shade ‘Medium’). I purchased mine at Sephora but they are almost ALWAYS out of stock. I asked the store when the corporate warehouse was being restocked, then stalked Sephora online that day. You can also click the link above and be added to the restock list. But I must warn you, even the day they are restocked they usually sell out again that day. So be quick!

UPDATE: They are fully in stock (all three skin tones) here!! Only $28 too- such a steal. 

UPDATE #2: Shop the Mousse + the Drops for $34 Here!

You can also purchase them on Amazon but they are double the price. Now that I know how well they work, I think they are SO worth even the doubled price.

Now that you know how to buy them, you need to know how to use them! One of the main reasons I love these drops, besides how well they work, is how easy they are to apply. I was able to add them into my morning routine and it maybe adds an extra 2-3 minutes to my day. I do suggest buying these two extra tools (both cheap!!) to make the most of your drops.

I use a Jelly Makeup Sponge and a Beauty Blender (be sure that you only use it for Self-Tanner, so I bought a new one). I put one drop of the tan drops on the flat jelly sponge, followed by Daily Moisturizer (I love this caffeinated one!)  and I use the beauty blender to mix and apply.  The reason I added the extra tools was to keep from my hands from ever touching the drops and turning orange.

face self-tannerFace self-tanner


1. Apply 1-2 Drops of Self-Tanner Drops to Your Jelly Makeup Sponge

2. Add your Daily Moisturizer

3. Use a designated Self-Tan Beauty Blender to blend and apply to your face and neck

4. Be sure to blend into your hairline, your ears and all the way around your neck


See! Just a few easy steps and you’ll be a glowing, bronzed goddess. These face self-tanner drops will gradually get darker throughout the day but nothing too noticeable. I love that they are a daily application (I usually do 5-6 days a week) that builds up over time. I tend to be lazy if it’s a weekly event that takes up a ton of time. I also love how glow-y my skin looks when I pair it with my Caffeinated Daily Moisturizer.

Be sure to head over to Instagram (@RileySitton), I have Instagram Stories (& IG Highlights) showing the process. Also! Note that the Sephora Insider Sale has will be open to the public on May 2nd. I’ll be sure to share my favorites here and on IG. You can check out previous favorites hereXO 

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Face self-tanner Face self-tanner Face self-tanner


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