Easy Balloon Arch Tutorial + No Baked Cookie Dough

Typing up this post, really made me want to change from a Lifestyle blogger to a party blogger. Parties are so happy and fun! Maybe I’ll just work more party content into my Summer schedule? What do you guys think? ANYWAY! Back to the party at hand- Balloon Arches! Balloons are a classic party staple and this easy balloon arch tutorial will kick up your classic decoration for party decor you’ll never forget.

The good news- you can buy these arches in a kit and they’re so, so easy! I will say, ignore the instructions and follow my steps below. I swear it works better than what the package says and you’ll feel like a balloon artist in no time. Let’s jump right into this easy balloon arch tutorial, I’m too excited to chit chat any longer! No time to read? Click to pin this post for later

easy balloon arch tutorial

First, you’ll need your supplies. In the photo above, you can see I recently did two arches. One was huge and one was mini– both were adorable and easy! The smaller kit I purchased at Target and I’m not sure if it’s still available. It also was a little bit harder than the top kit, but not impossible. You can purchase the larger balloon kit here. There are a lot of ballon kits out there but I think it works best if you find one with the plastic disks in it (photos of what I’m talking about below). I also highly, highly, highly suggest purchasing this balloon air tankIt is not helium but it inflates balloons SO quickly, especially if you’re doing a large arch. Not necessarily necessary, but trust me you’ll thank me for having the tank. The kit also includes string and some include glue dots. We didn’t use the glue dots. Last thing before we dive in, the instructions will probably tell you to hang the string, then attach the hooks but I think it’s much easier to tie the disks to the string before hanging it. It and the balloons will stay together much easier. Ok, let’s go!


-Balloon Arch Kit (you can reuse the disks and string after your first purchase, you’ll just need new balloons)

-Command Hooks

-Air Tank (optional)


  1. Inflate all balloons
  2. Take the plastic disks and fill them up with one less balloon than there are holes (Ours had 5 holes, so we put 4 balloons on each). I suggest mixing up the colors/sizes. Do this with all balloons.
  3. One by one, add the disks to your string (leave enough room on each end to have leftover string). Make sure the disks are close together so that there will be no gaps when you hang it. Tie each disk to the string, then add the next, repeat.
  4. Once you have your arch, use command hooks to place the arch where you’d like it!

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See! Four easy steps and you will be so proud of yourself once it’s complete. I’m also sharing a walkthrough on my Instagram (@RileySitton) that I’ll save to a ‘Balloon’ highlight for you to refer back to and I have more photos of everything below! PS I found these two balloon kits at Target and they’re so CUTE. Look at them here and here.

Speaking of parties and fun- how amazing is No Baked?! It is a new edible cookie dough shop in Northshore and y’all. IT IS SO CUTE. Not familiar with edible cookie dough? It’s like an ice cream shop, but instead of ice cream, you get scoops of (totally safe) edible cookie dough. It’s the perfect place to grab a treat before a walk across the Pedestrian Bridge. If you pop in some time this week, you will still see my balloon arch! It will be up until it pops. Be sure to tag me if you snap any photos! #OhYesPlz.

If I forgot anything or have any questions, please drop them below. Need an easy app for your next party? Check out this Whipped Feta Dip it pairs so well with fresh juicy watermelon! shop the post

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