Easter Bar Cart

April is a week away and the Easter bar cart is in full swing! Nothing excites me more than getting to change out the decor. Bring on all the pastels, bunnies and warm weather feels! 

Sharing the bar cart on a Monday is bitter sweet! It has me missing the past weekend, yet eager and excited for the upcoming weekend. The Easter bar cart makes me even more excited but I cannot wait for my family to be in town to celebrate. 

I talked about creating your ‘base bar cart’ in this post. I’ve added a few more things since that post, like this ‘Yes, Please’ Plate and light up bar sign, that will stay up year round. I also snagged this cutie little Bunny Head from Target that will be here for the rest of Spring. 

I love heading over to Target to pick up cheap seasonal items that I can use year after year! I keep a box in our attic for each season, that way it is easy to switch your pieces out month after month. 

I love, love, love my bar cart because it’s the perfect place to try new things, mix unexpected patterns and colors, and let all my girly-ness loose without feeling guilty for the hubby! Do you have a bar cart or even a fun bar area?! 

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