Double the Fun!

My goal for 2017 was consistency. Consistency on my blog, consistency in my everyday life. A very structured routine that kept me on my path and growing in everything I do. Well, much like life always seems to do, I was thrown a pretty awesome curve ball. 

In January, I was approached with two unbelievable job opportunities. I’ve talked a lot about my time as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and as you know since you’re obviously reading here, my journey through the digital marketing world. I have always felt like I fit much better in the later and God must think so too. I am now currently employed by two seriously incredible companies, well three if you count my own little self employment blogging bubble. 

It was a scary leap, I have overflowed my plate and I’ve honestly never been busier. I’ve also never been happier. I am constantly working with amazing, hardworking people who continue to inspire and motivate me every single day. The only downside was the more I’m growing there, the slower I seemed to get here. Wahh. 

One day I had a bright idea. See, the thing is, I just can’t give you up. I know I basically am talking to myself but I’m really not! I have gotten to know SO many of you through this crazy little computer screen. I have shared incredible moments of my life with you, many of you have shared stories of your life with me. I will never really be able to explain what this site has brought me but it’s more than I ever, ever, ever, EVER dreamt. & I can never thank you guys enough. 

Just as I was growing, I needed this site to grow. And just like that, we’ve doubled the fun! Yes, I am now a WE. Obviously, you like (hopefully love) what I say and share here or you wouldn’t come back for more. Am I right? 

So why wouldn’t you love my best friend just as much as I do? I decided Yes, Please didn’t need to disappear, it just needed a little something, something. And y’all it already feels so right. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been teaching Natalie my tricks, tips and techniques on blogging. I already feel so much relief/happiness/excitement on having a partner in this crazy blogging world. Not in the sense that she will be doing all the hard work, but it’s just so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. To shoot photos together. To test recipes, projects and outfits with. It just feels so, so right. I hope y’all are just as excited as I am. Not only will you get to follow Natalie’s journey just as you’ve followed mine, but we will all be best friends and nothing could make me happier than that. 

I’ve blabbered enough and I’m turning it over to Natalie to introduce herself! We will be positing back and forth from here on out in theme with my traditional posts but while throwing in some new series, ideas and more! Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter here so that you don’t miss any of the fun! And once again, thanks for being the best ‘digital bestie’ readers ever. xo 

Hey Babes!! 

My Name is Natalie and I am the new face who has popped up on your feed. I have been so excited/eager/nervous to meet you all as we have been planning this launch! I am a 20 something who is newly married and a [first time] mommy to a little guy named Brooks, due in July! With so many amazing/crazy changes going on in my life I thought “why not add blogging to the circus that is my life?!” I look forward to sharing all of my lessons learned, first time’s and never again’s with each of you as I figure out this blogging thing, wife thing, pregnancy thing and mom thing and I so hope that you’ll keep me around for a bit and follow along for the ride! xo

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Double the Fun

The week before I left Chattanooga I met the most wonderful blogger/photographer, She Wore It Anyways. We got together to shoot one time before I moved, sadly only one time because I loved every one of her photos! 

One of my favorite trends for summer is a two piece outfit. It is seriously so simple to put together and makes for a look so stylish and complete. I have a couple of different ones I’ve been hoarding in my closet but this one is from Target! 

Try it yourself, match prints or solids, and let me know how it turns out! 



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