DIY Summer Hats

I’ve always loved to make things. When I was little I made flip flops and sold them to people around the country. I even had a celebrity client, Kelly Ripa!! I still enjoy doing projects around the house and I want to start sharing more with you guys! 

I whipped up a few of these hats for Mother’s Day and one for myself for Summer. They are so easy, take little to no time and are cheap! That’s always a yes in my book. 

| FP Tank *$20, 10 Colors | White Denim Shorts | Phone Case | Coffee Table | Photography: A. Bonds Productions |

These hats are so fun for yourself, a gift for a best friend or grab your girls and have a fun girls night! 

First, you’ll need a hat. I love floppy hats but this would be adorable on a fedora as well. I got this hat at Dollar General but I’ve seen them at Wal Mart for the same price ($5). Next grab your supplies. If you want to do a sassy sequin saying, you’ll need a string of sequins (from Hobby Lobby, $1.50) and some fabric glue. 

The hardest part is deciding what to write on your hat.. I’ve done some for my recently engaged/married friends that have their new last name on it. I love Summer sayings like ‘Out of Office or Do Not Disturb’. I think my next hat is going to say ‘Ohh, Cabana Boy!’.  

After deciding what to write, it’s super easy. Use the fabric glue to write out a letter at a time. Place the sequin string on the letter and press down. Continue until all the words are written. The fabric glue will be white at first, but will dry clear! Allow to dry and then grab a fancy cocktail and head to the pool! 

The pom pom hat came to me when I saw these adorable puffs at Target. I saw them and had the urge to buy them (like almost everything at Target) but honestly I couldn’t think of a reason to own bright, adorable yarn. I wouldn’t let myself purchase them until I knew they would serve a purpose but I continuer to think about them for a week, maybe longer. Am I nuts for thinking of a yarn ball for that long.. maybe?! Finally the idea came to me to glue them to a hat! 

This one was even easier than the first, I used a hot glue gun to place each pom pom around the hat. The first time I made the hat, I cut the strings (these poms have long strings to tie onto a present) after gluing them but if I make any more of these I will definitely cut them before. Let dry and it’s ready for your next beach trip! 

Sassy Sayings Hat

-1 Hat

-Fabric Glue

-String of Sequins


1. Write out one letter on hat with glue

2. Place sequins over glue and press down

3. Repeat until finished, let dry

Pom Pom Hat

-1 Hat

Pom Poms (I used 8 packs on my hat)

-Hot Glue Gun


1. Place one dot of glue on hat

2. Firmly press pom pom into glue, hold until it dries

3. Repeat

The pups and I had a blast making these hats and honestly we made both (& shot them) in under 30 minutes! A quick, easy and personal gift that anyone would love (even if it’s for yourself!). These hats look so cute with a gorgeous maxi dress or dressing up a beach romper

DIY not your thing, I hear ya! This tassel hat is so cute and you can order your own ‘word’ hat here

I hope you have a great Tuesday, it’s Babe’s birthday so we’re going to dinner to with a few friends tonight to celebrate! This year his gift was great for both of us, a new grill! Now he is happy and can show it off to all his friends and I get to eat the BEST grilled salmon ever. I’ll share the recipe with you guys Friday. XO, 

FP Tank *$20, 10 Colors | White Denim Shorts | Phone Case | Coffee Table | Pom Poms | Photography: A. Bonds Productions | 

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