DIY Sugar Mold + More Spring Home Faves!

I’ve been searching for the perfect thing for our kitchen peninsula for months now. I wanted something long and narrow, but not too tall. As normal as those things seem, it was actually difficult to find something I loved!

A few weeks ago, I saw few sugar molds that I absolutely fell in love with! You guys know I’m a big fan of decorating for the seasons and holidays and I knew a sugar mold would be perfect for switching up for the weather or my mood. The cheap price tag and vintage look had me sold!

It was the perfect rainy Sunday activity, complete with my favorite lemon pajamas. I started out by filling mine with succulents. I’m loving all things all things green for spring right now but I also debated on doing fresh lavender or candles! Depending on where you put it in your house, you could do makeup brush storage, fresh herbs, office storage or flowers!

I used real succulents but to be even more low maintenance, you could use fake succulents!

Shop lots of different size sugar molds here and here, I’m loving this white one here! Today’s post is short and sweet, I’m getting ready to leave to head somewhere warm and sunny! Be sure to follow along on IG (@YesPleaseDaily). I’m sharing a few more spring home pieces below. XO 

| Lemon Pajamas | Sugar Mold (Here, Here, Here) | Fake Succulents |

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