DIY Magnolia Wreath Under $15

Holy cold front!! 

Last week was 75 and sunny, this weekend we’ve been bundled up inside due to a winter forecast. While being bundled up I thought it would be the perfect time to share this adorable and [easy] DIY Magnolia Wreath for under $15!

I have always been one of those girls that takes Pinterest projects head on and who sees things in the store and thinks “I can make that” rather than immediately buying. Sometimes you can find me sneaking back to the store to buy after a major DIY fail but more times than none I surprise myself! 

This wreath was one of those times and I wanted to give you all the details because it was seriously so easy!

 Magnolia wreaths are farmhouse fresh and perfect for spring and summer so you don’t have to change them out as frequently! They are adorable on your front door or can bring a pop anywhere inside your home. I brought mine inside and placed it on an antique baby bed spring to add some architectural interest over my simple wood and iron desk. When I was searching for the perfect wreath to add to my desk space, I found that they were all $50+ in store and I had a “I can make that” moment.

Below are the step by step instructions! We’d love to be tagged @yespleasedaily on Instagram or Facebook so we can see how yours turned out!

This is a floral and craft ring that was $2.99 at Michaels. I have linked a similar one in the “shop this post.” Remember that Michaels always has a 40% off coupon as well and even though it is already so affordable… every savings feels like a win.

Michaels was out of their Magnolia Stems but luckily Hobby Lobby is right around the corner for me, where I scooped up two stems for $4.99 each. They always have 50% their florals every other week so check your local ad and see which week is best for you to go and snag yours! [two stems did the trick for the smaller wreath, I even had a few leaves left over]

Besides the Magnolia Stems and Floral and Craft Ring, you will need a hot glue gun and wire cutters [similar linked below].   

Start by clipping all of your magnolia leaves off of the stem. Gather in a pile to the side.

Lay your first leaf slightly off centered at an angle outward and glue. Then glue another angled opposite [as seen in top pic]. Repeat steps working around the wreath. As you begin to add a lot of the layers don’t be afraid to glue over a leaf that may be hidden by another layer. Once you get to the end, hold the first set of leaves that were glued back and fill in underneath to get a cohesive fullness. 


Now you have a Joanna Gaines worthy wreath to hang wherever your heart desires without breaking the bank. Um can I get a Yes, Please?!

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