DIY Headboard by Nat and #Paypal Styling Tips by Riley

DIY Headboard Instructions 

When I started looking at headboards, I knew I wanted something that was one of a kind and as I mentioned before in my DIY Wreath Post, I am definitely a girl who sees something she likes and thinks “I can make that” rather than buying immediately.

I knew what I wanted and could envision it in my head but couldn’t find any online or in the stores locally. I drew up the overall style I was wanting and went to our nearest Lowes. I love using Lowes because you can a) buy a digital gift card for them via PayPal and pick out the products you want in advance online then pick them up in the store [link here] and b) their employees are always super nice and will cut your wood for you regardless of how many specifics you have. In this case, I just needed all of my pieces to be cut to 50 inches high because I knew that was about how tall I wanted my headboard to be [you can pick whichever height works better for your space]. In addition to the panels, I also bought wood for a basic frame including a manufactured piece of wood cut to the dimensions of my headboard.

Below I have written out the instructions for you all to try out! it really was so simple and easy, my husband built a simple frame for me to attach the front of the headboard to once I was done with it. You can also hang the headboard directly onto the wall by adding a simple french cleat.

Circular saw (or miter saw)
Circular saw
Cardboard box (or roll of craft paper)
Painter’s tape
Sharpie marker
Variety of 1″ wood planks in several widths (3″, 4″, 6″ & 8″)
2 – 2×4″ studs (Used to prop up headboard when cutting. Will be leftover.)
White paint
Gray paint
Paint brushes
Tape measure
Finish nailer
1.25″ finish nails
Safety glasses
Ear protection

Measure your bed to determine the width of the headboard. We decided on an 60″ width to fit the queen size bed in the master bedroom.

Start by creating a template for your headboard out of the cardboard box (flattened and opened up.) You can freehand curves, or use a string and tack, or round objects to help create your curves. Cut one side out with scissors then fold at the center point and trace the second half.

Determine how tall you want your headboard to be. We settled on about 50″ tall at the highest point. 

Line up your boards on the floor in an approximation of the shape of your headboard.
Lay the template onto your boards and measure the height of the headboard you decided on. Make sure the headboard profile is level and equal distance from the bottom on both sides.

Trace the top profile of the headboard with the sharpie.

Use a finish nailer to secure a few support boards to hold the boards in place.

Raise the boards off the floor by resting them on the two 2×4″ boards (or in my case off the edge of your deck).

Set your circular saw blade just below the headboard planks. Cut along the straight cut line you marked.

**my husband secured this entire piece to the simple frame he made at this point, allowing me to better see the end result.

Prop the headboard up with a few more scraps of wood (the jigsaw blade will go deeper than your circular saw.)

Cut along the traced profile of the headboard with the jigsaw.

After cutting I proceeded to sand the top of the headboard and along the curved edges for a smooth finish. I did a simple white wash over the raw wood by diluting white paint with water then layered a gray wash (same equal parts) over until I got the finish I liked. After that I let it dry over night and moved it in the next morning!

Once you’ve got your dream Farmhouse headboard, you need cozy, comfortable bedding that invites you to snuggle up and never leave! 

When shopping online, I like to do two things. First, I like to browse Pinterest and see some similar styles that I love. After driving Babe nuts with different ideas, I make a mental list of things we need to create our little sweet spot. 

The next thing I like to do is look for sites that allow you to accept Paypal. If I’m purchasing something large, I like that you can use Paypal Credit. Paypal Credit makes it so you can buy now and pay later. If something is over $99, there are no payments or interest if paid in full before six months! Aka pay on your schedule. I also like that they will refund any shipping charges if you’re unhappy with your purchases. They put my online shopping nerves at ease, so I can snuggle up with the pups, a glass of wine and my Paypal account and shop away. 

I wanted to break down the elements of styling the perfect farmhouse headboard and don’t worry all the products are able to purchase through Paypal, so you can feel good whether you love it or not! 

Start with your basics — a Comforter or Quilt

We get very hot at night, especially when the pups are in the bed with us. As much as I love our down comforter it only makes sense in the dead of winter. The rest of the year, we use a quilt just like this one. I like a neutral color that will match multiple things, so I can mix n match throughout the year.

Next you need pillows 

You need two types of pillows, one for sleeping and one for decoration. Unless you’re a man, then you only need one pillow. They can never figure out the reasoning behind all these pillows, haha! I love using this silk pillow case because it’s better for your hair and skin. 

Since pillows can be a hassle, I like to do a few large ones. They add drama without the struggle. How adorable are these tassel ones I have from Target? 

Top it off

This textured blanket is fashion and function [at least that’s what I told hubs :)]. Seriously though, it adds texture and dimension to your bed and will keep you warm if you need something in the middle of the night. Reach for a blanket with character to pull your simple, chic farmhouse bedroom together! 

Remember to have fun with it and make it your own! You will love any bedroom that exudes your own style. If in doubt, just click the ‘Check Out with PayPal’ button and know everything is safe. 



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