Decorating with Men

Welcome to our little abode. Over time I’ve learned home posts are one of the most popular posts here at Yes, Please and it makes my heart so happy! I wish I could actually invite y’all over to hang out but since that can’t happen anytime soon, sharing glimpses of our house is the next best thing! 

It’s actually so flattering when y’all request certain home posts. Creating this little space of ours has been fun but challenging and I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. I have lots of different home posts to share with you soon, as well as breaking down individual rooms, but today I’m focusing on the big picture and one of the more difficult tasks I had in our home.. Decorating with Men. 

Before I start any interior post, I like to remind you guys a few things. First, I am no expert. I like to have fun, express our style, while staying within a tight budget. Also, this has taken time. Never, never, never expect your house to become a home overnight. Seriously, be yourself and have fun! No matter what it’s your home, make it something you love. 

Now, onto the fun stuff! I’m sharing how to crack those hardheaded man brains to create the interior of your dreams! 

Now, I know there are some men out there who don’t give any thought to what their house looks like.. you lucky ladies, you. Babe doesn’t care about most stuff but I understand he wants to be comfortable in our home and not feel like he lives in a dollhouse. 

**Later I’ll be sharing more specifics on our exact style, how to turn a house into a home, how to decorate a house that isn’t your forever home and more. Today I’m focusing on keeping men happy! 

The Big Move. If you’re moving in together for the first time, there is something important to remember.. Don’t trash your man’s style. When I moved in with Babe, he had a great house (one I’m forever thankful for, some of the boy’s living situations I encountered in college were fit for a swamp). The one problem was his house was 100% man. I was quick to replace the manly furniture with a more neutral piece, but this was also quick to hurt his feelings. Combining your furniture is a delicate task, remember to approach it cautiously. I learned it’s great to offer a piece of his for a piece yours. As I picked out a lamp, picture or chair that was too masculine for our style I would offer up a piece of my furniture that was too feminine to donate as well. Make sure you let him know this is creating a new home for you guys and a style that is all your own! 

What is ‘Your Style’? I can’t wait to write a whole post about this because it has been so neat discovering our style over the years. When I lived on my own I loved clean white accents, pops of color, girly decor and fun, bold prints. When we first moved in together, I tried to stick to my previous decor habits only to find myself stumped. I realized as we grew, our style evolved. When my ‘eclectic chic’ style met Babe’s ‘Country Man’ style, we created a slightly modern, eclectic industrial farmhouse style. Ok, ok the name needs a little work but the accents are fabulous together! Think rustic wood, french country touches, pattern mixtures and fur accents. 

Let Him Think He Decided. Want to know my advice for handling boys? Let them think they know it all, when really you know it all. Works every time. When you are deciding on a piece of furniture or room design, find three similar examples that you love. Show him all three and ask to pick his favorite. By limiting what he sees to only options that you like, you’ll never be disappointed in his pick. 

Which leads me to my next tip.. Boys are Visual. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said something like ‘A fur rug on our coffee table shelf would be gorgeous!‘ or ‘An accent chair will be so much nicer than an actual desk chair.’ for Babe to look at me like I’m insane and go back to whatever he was doing. He will argue over and over it’s a horrible idea but as soon as I pull up a few examples on Pinterest, he’s in love. They have trouble visualizing home decor because they don’t browse Pinterest and IG like we do all day, they don’t know the same lingo we do and just because they’re men! 

Do It Together! Once I started including Babe in decisions and choices, he soon became more excited about the changes. I explained that this is our home not just his and we should create something we both love. I told him that decorating is something I truly enjoy doing, just like he likes watching football or riding around in his truck (Are they all this weird or am I just extra lucky? ha!). Most importantly, I tell him that I want our home to be special and somewhere nice we can make memories together. Once he understood I’m not just doing it to toss all his things he was a lot more accepting. I asked him to go shopping with me, browse Pinterest with me and I’ve even put together some of our furniture for him as a fun surprise (he’s still waiting for it to collapse haha!). 

Balance. Balance. Balance. When you finally get him onboard with redecorating and the overall vibe of your new house, it’s time for some shopping. I like to think of everything as balance. In my personal style, I always try to balance an outfit part dressy part casual, part girly part edgy, etc. In our home, I try to balance out feminine and masculine touches. You can stay true to things you loved, such as pattern mixing, but instead of leopard + stripes, try mixing more rustic, relaxed patterns. Make things inviting, boys want a couch they can watch the game on! They might not care what the throw pillows look like as long as they can easily find a spot for their beer. 

As my track recorded has started to add up and Babe is beginning to trust me with more out of the box design decisions the process has become a little bit easier. I’m so happy with how our home has turned out, there are still a few things here and there I want to tweak but that’s the journey! What tips do you have for tricking guiding men to make the right decision?! 

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