Dear Riley: Q&A

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Hello Monday, not so nice to see ya.. I’ve been struggling this morning. It’s one of those days where you have so much to do yet you feel like you have no time and then you spend most of the time you do have trying to figure out what to do first and worrying about the time and then losing more time. Am I crazy? Do you guys do this too?! Please tell me I’m not alone! 

I have been so overwhelmed with the amazing responses from my survey (if you haven’t taken it yet no worries! Just please, please, pleaasse take it HERE! It only takes a few minutes and is anonymous so tell me exactly how you feel!). You guys left the sweetest comments and I’ve learned so much about what you want to see on here, which is so helpful and important!! SO THANK YOU! 

I’m working on the first Dear Riley: Q&A so please submit your questions! I am open to answering anything from personal questions to work questions to blog questions, literally anything you need! I am an open book you guys! 

Click HERE to submit. 

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I have a special treat for you guys coming soon! It’s part of a partnership I’m working on with Anthropologie and I’m so excited to share it. Make sure you are subscribed to my emails to get early access. I promise it’s a good one!! 🙂 

If you’re in a shopping mood I’ve linked some of my Fall staples below:

Fall Transition Tips & Neutrals (Here & Here)

Fall Jewels, Rompers and Jumpsuits (Here)

Wardrobe Essentials (Here)

Shop my Instagrams (Here)

I hope everyone has an a m a z i n g Monday! I have so many great things planned for this week & October in general, thanks for following along!! 


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