Date Night a la Naan Pizza

Ahh, food. It’s such a discussion at our house. Every. Single. Meal. We can never decide.. is this marriage? Will we ever be on the same page with meals? I literally never know what I want to eat but I always know what I don’t want. Babe can name five hundred restaurants and suddenly I hate them all. Please, tell me I’m not alone in this ladies?! 

Do you know what is even harder than deciding where to eat? Finding an easy, healthy-ish meal to throw together at home that Babe will eat and I don’t regret an hour later. I could devour plates full of veggies but Babe ‘hates’ anything green (I say hates because he won’t actually try it), he loves meat and I love fish. We may be #SoulMates but our taste buds are absolutely opposite. 

So you would think I would be beyond thrilled to find an easy, cheap, delicious and fun date night dinner that we both love and can customize! The problem is that it’s so good, so easy that we want to make it every night now. 

Do you want in on the secret? Perfect for kids, picky eaters of all ages, an easy go-to dinner or a quick snack.. It’s Naan bread pizzas! They are a m a z i n g. 

I can’t say enough about these pizzas. First, you can literally make your own pizza with whatever you want on it! No more fighting over what toppings to order, you get the whole thing! 

Plus, they’re cheap. 

And they take about 15 minutes total. 

And they’re delicious

Like so delicious, you will want them all the time.

Why is pizza so good? 

They’re so easy, I almost felt silly typing up the recipe card

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Costco is the cheapest place to buy Naan. You can get 10 pieces for $4, I keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh longer, I’ve also seen them for sale in the bread section at Publix and Target! For my pizza in the pictures above, I did pesto sauce with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and parmesan cheese. So, so good y’all. There are so many possibilities, I’m already thinking of new pizzas to cook up.

Having Babe on the blog is fun. He’s so confused by it all honestly. He came home a couple weeks ago and I buttered him up.. “We’re having naan pizzas tonight! You can have two and I’m not even making any vegetables to go with it!”. His eyes lit up, then I broke the bad news. “Oh yea, I’m going to be photographing us making the pizzas for a blog post!”. He actually was a pretty good sport and we managed to get a few good pictures out of the 250 we took.. 

I’ve been using a tripod to take some of my photos lately and it’s super fun! I love a good challenge and I’m trying to work on my photography skills. If you have blog questions or any questions, submit them here (anonymously!) for this Friday’s first Dear Riley: Q & A! If you need me until then, I’ll be living in this cozy top (^^the one in the pictures above). It’s so soft, perfect for Fall transitioning and has the cutest back ever. 

Hope you’re Monday is quick & your coffee strong! XO 


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