Dare to Dance 2018!

I’m so excited to spill the beans on a huge secret I’ve been keeping since February! If you know me you know I’m awful, absolutely AWFUL  with secrets, so the fact I’ve kept it this long is a miracle. BUT without further adieu..

I’ve been asked to be a Celebrity dancer for Chattanooga’s Dare to Dance Fundraiser and Competition! 

If you’re not from Chattanooga, you may not be familiar with this event. It’s basically Dancing with the Stars, Chattanooga edition! I am not only so excited to be a dancer because it will be so much fun but also because of the incredible opportunity to give back to this wonderful community. 

When I originally met with the Kidney Foundation, they informed me of all the amazing work they do. One huge thing that stood out to me was that all the money that is collected, stays within the Chattanooga area. I can’t wait to show you guys some of the amazing stuff they do within our community throughout this journey. 

I was able to choose an area of focus for my fundraising and I think it’s the absolutely perfect cause for myself. I will be fundraising for Emergency Housing Assistance Program. I really connected with this area for a few reasons but most importantly because RJ and I have worked so hard to create a home this past year and I realize how lucky we are to do so. So many people are sick and struggle to even meet basic human needs. It’s truly a humbling moment to know how fortunate we are and I want to do everything in my power to help others live more comfortably. 

Many patients become financially devastated when diagnosed with kidney disease, due in part to high medical bills. In an effort to pay for these bills and life-saving medications, patients run out of money to pay for their housing. With the Emergency Housing Assistance Program, patients are provided financial assistance to maintain housing needs.

While I often worry about finding the perfect ‘farmhouse piece’ for our living room, others are struggling to pay their rent due to their illness. This is such an eye opening thought to me and I’m so happy I can do something to help others. 

I can’t wait to take y’all on this fun journey with me! I officially start practice next week but in the mean time, here’s a few things I’m doing to prep..

Working on my Core! I am already halfway through Kayla Itsine’s BBG program but in addition, I’m adding more core workouts to my everyday fitness. 

Stretching! I am luckily still a tad flexible from my cheer days but I am going to get back into my stretching groove. I’m going to do weekend yoga and nightly stretching. 

HAIR! I will be taking our official publicity portraits later this month and I knew I would want a fun hair style. I ordered hair extensions last week and I’m so excited to play around with them. 

Kinda, Keto! I actually have a post all about this scheduled for later this month, but for the past few months I’ve been loosely following the Keto Diet. This has really helped with my PCOS and also will help my nutrition for upcoming practices. 

I have also started my fundraising. If you are interested in your company being a sponsor, please email me at Hello@YesPleaseDaily.com or you can make a donation HERE. Every dollar counts, so please don’t feel like you have to donate tons of money! Even if you can’t donate, please just keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go through this journey. That I can raise money for this amazing organization, represent them to the best of my ability and spread the word about all the great things the Kidney Foundation does. 

Last Tuesday, I met my partner Kyle Barels of Dance Tonight Chattanooga. He is so sweet and fun! I’m excited to be on this journey together. I’m just hoping he won’t laugh at my current dance abilities.   I’m so incredibly honored to be chosen for this experience and cannot wait to get started! If you have any questions, I’m so happy to answer them. Just drop them below or on Instagram (@RileySitton). XO 

ps. if you want a good laugh, I took all the photos above with my tripod, phone and toe! 🤣

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