Daily Harvest Review: My (UnSponsored) Opinion + 3 FREE

I know if you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a million and one bloggers promoting these Daily Harvest cups. Yes, I like to follow bloggers too ha! Well, my curiosity finally got the best of me (social media marketing really works) and I decided to try them for myself. After sharing a few on stories, I have had many requests for a full Daily Harvest review.

So, here I am unpaid, unsponsored sharing my real thoughts in this Daily Harvest review. Here’s a hint, I’m obsessed.

Daily Harvest Review

I placed my first order for 6 cups and these included

Cinnamon Protein + Banana Oat Bowl

Cinnamon Protein + Banana

Oat Bowl

Mulberry + Dragon Fruit Oat Bowl

Mulberry + Dragon Fruit

Oat Bowl

Acai + Cherry Smoothie

Acai + Cherry


Cacao + Avocado Smoothie

Cacao + Avocado


Dragon Fruit + Lychee Smoothie

Dragon Fruit + Lychee


Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

Strawberry + Peach





Grand Total: $23 (I had a code to receive three free, you can use that code for yourself HERE).

So far I’ve had 4 of the 6 I ordered and this morning I placed an order for my next box. I haven’t tried the overnight oats year but I am going to share them on my Instagram Story & ‘Breakfast’ Highlight tab so be sure to check them out (@RileySitton).

My HONEST Daily Harvest Review: 

They were tasty, quick, easy and filling- everything I look for in a meal. I used unsweet almond milk & my Nutribullet to blend them (you can also you a classic blender, a ninja or a food processor but I highly recommend a nutribullet if you don’t have one!).  After mixing it in the bullet, you pour it back in the original packaging, you can also add the lid that was included and I love using my glass straws. Like I said quick and easy!

My favorite flavor so far is the Dragon Fruit Lychee but I have truly enjoyed all of them. I like a light breakfast and these keep me full until lunch. I have 0 complaints and I’m looking forward to trying new flavors in my next box.

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I do think it’s a tad expensive, so I won’t commit to getting them delivered every week. I went into my account and paused every other week’s delivery. All in all, I would give this Daily Harvest review a 9.5/10. Only deducting half a point for price, but hey the convenience and taste 100% make up for it. If you try any different flavors, you must share your favorite! Don’t forget to use this link to receive THREE FREE. XO 

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