Customize Your Chacos & Chanel!

Hi! I love Chacos & Chanel but I want to make sure you guys love it as well. I am here to give you my take on the latest trends, classic looks, DIY projects, recipes, home decor and more on a real life budget but I want to make sure I’m including everything you want. 

I’ve put together an anonymous, less than 5 minute survey to get your opinion on posts and hopefully cater this site just to you! I would love your honest opinion and advice on how to continue to grow with you babes! 

Click HERE for the survey and thanks so much for following along with everything and being so supportive. 


Ps. I was trying to think of the title for this post and I was very close to naming it Chacos & Chanel on Fleek.. I think my cheesy jokes are getting worse! 

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