Cranberry Moscow ‘Mule’tide Punch ft. Canada Dry Ginger Ale + Other Holiday Hosting Faves

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I am SO excited to share our first glimpse Christmas decor with you guys and what is more fun than a lil’ holiday party (aka the PERFECT Christmas cocktail) to go along with it!? There’s so many things I love about this year, but one of my most favorite things is having friends and family over for good food, good drinks and a great time.

Now that we’re officially in the holiday season, I’m always thinking about a few things: convenience, budget, time. Sure, these things aren’t fun but they are key to surviving the holiday season. If I’m having a party, I want to make sure I’m not slaving away in the kitchen all night or spending a fortune! 

Lucky for you, I’ve found the perfect little spread that will make you feel like the holliest jolliest holiday hostess ever & offers a super easy way for you to give back to those in need this holiday season! 

Do you love our festive decor?! We seriously had so much fun putting it up. For my ‘Holiday Theme’ I like to stick to the same type of theme as our house.. Rustic glam. I like to fill our tree up with mixed metal ornaments (gold, silver, copper), fur ornaments, woodland animal ornaments, lots of sparkle and snow. I then top it off with some ribbon and about ten ornaments that have meaning behind them but also fit our theme (We also have tree in our bedroom with all our fun ornaments!). I also keep this theme going beyond the tree, I will throw in pops of red here and there. 

I layer pieces to add character, mix rustic, vintage, glam and cozy, and most importantly have fun with it and keep it true to RJ and I’s personalities! 

Once the scene is set, it’s time for the important stuff.. food and cocktails! 

Like I mentioned above, I like to keep things simple but I also am pretty over the top too. I need something that packs a big delicious punch, but is actually cheap and easy. To start, I always like to make a peppermint tray it’s super simple and only costs a dollar or two, depending on how big you need it. Growing up I would make these with my mom all the time! It’s a fun memory that I love to share with others when they come over. 

Next I build a cheese board. They’re always a hit, only take a few minutes to throw together & you can find everything you need for it at Walmart. If you really want to take it to the next level, I include a Baked Cranberry Brie aka ooey, gooey goodness (Recipe below!). 

Food may be beautiful and yummy, but most of my parties are centered around a cocktail. I always try to make something light and refreshing. I feel if you do anything too sweet or too complicated it more often than not ends in a fail

For a holiday party, it’s best to make something ahead of time, that can be served in a big batch. Unless you want to play bartender all night (trust me, you don’t), it’s best to whip up a punch vs a cocktail you have to make for each individual person.  

I decided to create a fun twist on a Moscow Mule, perfect for a group (or bestie night in!). Swapping Canada Dry Ginger Ale for ginger beer, makes it a lighter option and the cranberry adds a fun and festive pop of flavor. 

I’m usually not a huge fan of Moscow Mules but after trying it with Canada Dry Ginger Ale, it may just become my new go to cocktail! 

Cranberry Moscow Mule-tide Punch 



(1) 2 Liter of Canada Dry Ginger Ale

1 Cup of Cranberry Juice

3 Cups of Cranberry Vodka 

Juice from 3 Limes

Fresh Cranberries for Garnish *Optional, but Pretty!


1. Combine all ingredients 

2. Enjoy! 

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Cranberry Bake Brie



1 Can of Crescent Rolls

1 Small Round Package of Brie Cheese

1 Jar of Cranberry Jam 

1 Egg

1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F

2. On a small, lined baking sheet spray a non stick spray and lay down the crescent rolls (leave the whole package together)

3. Spread out a few spoonfuls of jam, add the wheel of brie and cover with a few more spoonfuls of jam

4. Fold all the crescent rolls up over the jam, pinching them all together

5. Crack the egg, mix the yolk and white together and brush all over

6. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the top is golden brown 

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Like I mentioned before, the best part of this holiday spread is you can pick up everything (except liquor) from Walmart for under $30! One stop that doesn’t break the bank is a l w a y s a yes in my book. 

In addition to giving your loved ones a good time, you can give back to others at the same time! Just look for specially marked Canada Dry Ginger Ale at Walmart. With every purchase you make of these bottles, a donation will be made to Salvation Army. For more information head over to Buy, Drink, Give

I’m all for giving back during the holidays, so don’t mind me pinning every Ginger Ale cocktail on Pinterest to try this season. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! XO  

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