Choosing a Wedding Theme + Incorporating It into your Save the Dates

Our last round of Save the Dates are being mailed out today! I’m so excited to share what we chose, I love so much how they turned out. If you’re preparing for your engagement pictures or recently engaged I have pulled my favorite ‘bridal’ pieces and some advice on how to stay sane during this process! 

One of the easiest parts of the wedding planning process has been incorporating RJ & I’s personal style into everything. Throughout the years of dating and living together, we have most definitely developed our own little style. It’s incorporated in our home, in our outfits, our diets, in our entire life. 

While I haven’t been able to put an exact name on it, I’ve come up with some great options..

Rustic Romance. Organic Elegance. Countryside Chic. 

I like to think of it of ‘barn meets blogger’. Obviously RJ comes into play as the rustic, organic, barn elements. I play more into the romantic, chic, elegant elements. I’m sure you’re like ‘Yeah, we get it you’re girly & RJ is manly.’ but it’s actually more than that! These are the little elements that help me pick up a picture frame for our coffee table or decide on bouquets for the brides. I’ll be going into more depth with this when I share our home tour in a couple weeks, but I wanted to show how it plays into every wedding decision I make. 

First, I need to explain how I chose our theme + why it’s important to stick to it.

I have an overall vision for our wedding. I don’t want to get to deep into it and give away secrets but when it’s time to pick a detail, such as bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, bouquets, etc. I tend to fall in love with every. single. option. I can see the beauty in a playful short bridesmaid dress that shows off personality just as well as I can see the beauty behind classic, monotone dresses. I fall in love with bright, vibrant flowers just as easily as I fall in love with a simple bouquet. With a creative mind and job that urges me to be creative in every aspect, I can make any theme work to my liking. The problem here? If I don’t know what path to take, I could never make a decision. Finding a theme and sticking to it in every wedding decision will help create a cohesive, wedding vision. If an option doesn’t fit the theme, it doesn’t happen.

So now that you know why to pick a theme, let me explain how. 

Finding a theme is fun! If you don’t live with your fiancé, it might be harder to pinpoint your exact styles. Over the past year, I’ve really watched our styles merge into this perfect harmony that I’m absolutely smitten with! First, look at your style.. do you like modern or classic pieces for your home? When you’re scrolling through Pinterest, do you gravitate towards white + gold accents or french countryside elements? Next, look at your fiancé’s home or apartment, this can be tricky because many boys don’t decorate at all! If he doesn’t show him a few different houses on Pinterest and see which he likes. Then move onto your personal style– do y’all constantly get dressed up, rarely leaving the house without looking your best? Or are you more laid back, always casual or maybe spending a lot of time outdoors? You could be somewhere in the middle, like us! Finally, take in part your personalities. If you like everything clean, neat and tidy, you have a more simple style. If you like a lot of unique things, trying something new or living out of the box you may be more eclectic. 

Obviously, this will help you find a theme to incorporate in all aspects of your life. If you’re just looking for a wedding theme, talk with your fiancé on what y’all in vision for the big day.. maybe the most important part is everyone having a great time (aka a more laid back ceremony), maybe you picture a formal ceremony followed by a sit down meal and classic dancing. The possibilities are endless just never forget to include your personalities! **I’ll have a full post on our theme soon, explaining how it’s simplified my whole life! 

Once you have your wedding vision, you can begin playing with your engagement shoot. I think engagement pictures set the whole tone of the wedding. When searching for our outfits, I wanted to stay true to our wedding theme. While some people do a playful, Kate Spade-esque theme others lean towards a super formal, black tie theme. I wore pieces that were classic with a twist. Rustic yet romantic.

I’ve pulled a few different options and combinations. Remember this is about you and having fun! You can mix n match themes to create new styles, new possibilities and create a wedding adventure that’s truly unique to you! 

Classic White with a Pop of Color:

1. Scallop Neckline || 2. Punch of Color Pump || 3. Overlay Twirls || 4. Baby Blue Suede || 5. Casual Cutie Romper

Romantic Pastels: 

1. Tulle Cutie || 2. Embellished || 3. Blue Babe || 4. Laced Up || 5. Crop Top Two Piece 

Unexpected Twist: 

1. Sparkle & Shine || 2. Delicate Pink || 3. Put a Bow On It || 4. Strappy || 5. Sea Foam Fave

Flirty Florals:

1. Midi Delight || 2. Caged Beauties || 3. Classic Maxi || 4. Basic Baby || 5. 3D Darling **OBSESSED

Also Obsessed:

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