In my opinion there is nothing better than Octobers. The weather finally cools down, it’s the start of the warm and fuzzy holiday months and it’s my Birthday month!! I love being an October baby. I share the birthday month with my Grandmother (who I’m super close with and I love being passed down her birthstone jewelry my grandfather gave her many years ago. It means so much to wear something that holds so many memories!), I’m also born on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio so I actually have two zodiac signs & always have to horoscopes to read. I’ve always thought that meant I was special which could explain some of my Diva tendencies.. whoops! Tomorrow I head to Asheville with my Babe & another couple which meant I wasn’t going to be able to spend my birthday with my friends.. 

Thankfully I was completely wrong because they threw the most adorable surprise birthday party for me last night. It’s impossible to put into words how loved I feel. I am so excited to share my party with you guys on Friday & a look back at 22 but today I’m sharing one of my favorite Fall outfits ever! 

I actually am guilty of being an outfit repeater here! I can’t help it though I love this so much. I bought this shirt dress (technically a ‘boyfriend shirt’ but if you go up 1 or 2 sizes it becomes an oversized dress perfect with or without leggings. I saw Kylie Jenner wearing a dress just like this one time but I promise the price tag had at least 3 more zeros on it!) last year in red and wore it non stop. It’s only $18 and gets so much use. 

I received these gorgeous boots as a birthday present & I’m so happy. I love them and they are so comfortable. Funny story.. I actually fell a couple of weeks ago in a restaurant when I was wearing heels & I was holding a glass.. I face planted and the glass shattered resulting in a sliced open hand, blood everywhere and the entire, very crowded restaurant staring at me! Since then I’ve been a little hesitant about wearing heels in public.. these were no problem though! I love the tan and black, too. They’re selling out super fast, so don’t think about it for too long. 🙂 

I’ve been searching for the ‘perfect’ bucket bag for a couple of seasons now. I am pretty picky when it comes to purses. I have trouble committing but the moment I saw this bucket bag & the price tag I was sold. I was even more pleased when it arrived in the mail yesterday.. the vegan leather is so soft & looks just like real leather. I also was surprised because it comes with an adorable pouch that fits inside or can double as a clutch! The worst part is deciding what color to choose from, all six are insanely gorgeous! I think I may have to order the mustard one next. 

I hope y’all are having a great week, you’re half way done! XO,

Ps. I’ve been naughty & not updating the Sales, Steals & Deals page this week but I know a lot of the sales posted are still happening & Anthropologie is offering an extra 30% off sale with code ‘XTRAXTRA’


Flannel Shirt Dress | Shaggy Fur Vest, Similar |  Suede OTK Boots *30% off w. code ‘GREAT’, All colors hereAlso Here | Bucket Bag |  

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