Chattanooga Antique Pickin’: A Weekend in Southside with Vinterest Antiques

Hello Friday! The weekend is finally here and I plan to spend it one of the best ways possible- exploring Chattanooga and picking through antiques! Antiquing on the weekend is one of Hubby & I’s favorite hobbies. When we found out that Vinterest had a Southside location close to all our favorite brunch spots, well, our weekend schedule was booked!

We love antiquing together for a few reasons. We love discovering old treasures and hidden gems that will fit perfectly in our home. We love seeing historic furniture or finding funny old pieces together. Plus, it’s a great way to walk off those mimosas we enjoyed at breakfast. We’ve antiqued all over the world together (Italy, Switzerland, New York) but Vinterest is always at the top of our favorite places to check out for Chattanooga antiques.

We have multiple pieces from the Vinterest in Hixson, so I was overjoyed to explore this (huge) new Southside location together!

Chattanooga antiques

As soon as we walked into Vinterest, I immediately found five things I wanted to purchase. The best part- one was for myself, one was for a friend, one was for an in-law and well, ok another two for myself. That was only at the first two booths too! Let’s not even talk about how much I fell in love with outside. If you’re new to Vinterest, it is a giant warehouse of heaven. More specifically, it is a warehouse that has individual booths that are rented out. Each booth offers something unique. I love Vinterest because the owner (who is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve chatted with) is very up to date on what is trendy in homes and what trends are on the rise. She also relays this information to her booth owners and in return, Vinterest has an excellent collection for all home styles.

#HomeSweetSitton (our house!) is a mix of French Country & Midcentury Modern Farmhouse and I could have found something in almost every single booth, which is both nice and dangerous for my bank account! Luckily, everything is SO well priced. I honestly was blown away at the pricing of SO many items (the best pricing of all of Chattanooga Antiques I’ve found). Needless to say, we didn’t leave empty handed.

Vinterest Southside offers the perfect mix of furniture, decor, trinkets, local handmade items and unique foods. If you’re not a home owner or just looking to add a fresh take to some of your current furniture, I love how many layerable trinkets they offer in addition to large furniture pieces! So many of the booths had unique vases, vintage inspired rosary beads (check out my IG story for a photo), frames, faux-plants, signs, artwork, the list goes on and on. I love layering small antique finds with our budget Ikea furniture for a unique, character filled look!

They also have this really neat room filled with retro vinyl and records! Looking through albums is so much fun and I love finding a special one to add to our collection. They even have a cool little lounge that you can hang out and listen to records (and snap some very IG worthy instagram shots).

So! What were we looking for on our most recent trip? Here are a few things I’m hoping to add to our home this Summer:

  • A vintage bench for by our back door to hold rainboots, watering can and random things.
  • Vintage theater seats for our entry hall
  • Frames
  • Random pieces for our barcart
  • Porch things! ALL the porch things!

What are you hunting for? I can almost guarantee Vinterest Southside has it. If you need a last minute Mother’s Day idea, there are SO many great options at Vinterest. They had tons of unique planters, pair with fresh flowers for an easy, affordable, thoughtful gift! They also have lots of great quotes and signs, hand towels and knickknacks that I know my mom would love! You can also make a day of it and head to Vinterest after church, lunch or brunch. It’s so close to so many of our favorite brunch spots (Clyde’s, Mean Mug and Stir to name a few). Just type in Vinterest Southside in your Maps, you may even run into us there! I want to go pick up a few more things I had my eye on.

Be sure to check out my Instagram Stories & IG Highlight (@RileySitton) to see a behind the scenes look at our recent trip to Vinterest +  a few of my favorite finds. You can also follow along with Vinterest on Instagram (@VinterestSouthside) or on Facebook (Vinterest Southside). If you find anything, be sure to share and tag us so we can see!

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Thank you Vinterest Southside for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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