#ChaChaEats: Zucchini Chicken Salad

It’s Monday for sure and a cold one at that. Last night I sat down and wrote this entire post, two hours-ish later I published and was happy it would be live for you guys bright and early.. it didn’t publish or save anything.. I was so mad. So I’m trying again and fingers crossed y’all actually get to read this one! 

I truly enjoy eating ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’ and I actually stopped eating dairy a couple of days before New Year’s Eve (thirteen days ago to be exact) and I’ve really been working to expand my meals beyond my  favorite arugula salad. This zucchini chicken salad has always been one of my top easy lunch recipes even before I was dairy free. The zucchini is shredded so you cannot even taste it & it’s RJ approved I always joke you know a recipe is a home run if he likes it because he’s SO picky! With only four ingredients and four steps, it seriously doesn’t get much better than this Zucchini Chicken Salad. 

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If you follow me on Pinterest I am constantly pinning recipes. I love to try new things but often I’ll mix n’ match them, change up the ingredients or create my very own recipe from scratch. This recipe I stole from my BFF Kaitlyn but I changed it up a tad (She adds grape tomatoes, onions and grapes). I love how fresh and easy this recipe is, and even though it’s only four ingredients.. it’s very filling. The only ‘tools’ you need for this is a cheese grater (I got mine at the dollar tree!). 

The sweetness of the apples with a pop from the dijon mustard makes this healthy dish something you’ll crave over and over. This is great to make the night before (I would leave the mustard on the side) and pack to take to work or in your child/spouse’s lunch. 


Serves 1

1 Chicken Breast (Grilled or Boiled)

1/2 Zucchini

1/3 Apple 

2 Tablespoons of Dijon Mustard


1. Shred (with your hands) or Dice the Chicken Breast, place into a mixing bowl

2. Using a cheese grater, shred the zucchini directly into the bowl (be sure to catch all the liquid, do not drain) 

3. Take your apple (I cut it into thirds around the core and place the other 2/3 in a baggy) and slice one direction as thin as possible, switch directions cutting as thin as possible, creating very tiny ‘cubes’

4. Mix in dijon mustard and stir everything together! 

Nutritional Info *Based on 5 oz Chicken Brest: 203 Calories, 3g of Fat, 9mg Cholesterol, 780mg Sodium, 101mg Potassium, 8g Total Carbohydrates, 7g Sugar, 32g Protein, 1% Vitamin A, 7% Vitamin C, 3% Calcium, 1% Iron

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You can add any thing you’d like to this salad.. so far I’ve tried hardboiled egg whites and avocados and they were both delish! I would love to know what you think, if you try this recipe and how it turns out! XO, 

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  1. hughesfamily
    January 17, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    This looks awesome and like my kind of cooking- easy! Thanks, Riley!

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