#ChaChaEats: Pierogi Lasagna Casserole

I know what you’re thinking, what in the world is a ‘Pierogi’?!.. well you’re missing out my friend. A pierogi is a polish version of a ravioli. There are different kinds, but Babe & I’s personal fave are filled with mashed potatoes and cheese, aka heaven. 

My dad used to make them growing up and when I met RJ, he ate them as a child too! I thought this was crazy since it’s not an everyday dish. This is one of my favorite splurge meals, I’m a sucker for pasta and for potatoes & when you combine the two, it’s like the gates of heaven opening up. *Cue Angels singing* 

Last Valentine’s Day I had an idea though.. what if I turned our favorite dish into a casserole? (Because all great things in America either get fried or made into a casserole, right?!) Let me tell you, the results were amazing and it was so easy to make. 

On Valentine’s Day, I went to the store to grab ingredients. Not following a recipe, I was wandering around.. I decided boxed mashed potatoes would be easiest. I loaded up the basket with a few more yummy ingredients (cheese, sour cream, noodles, etc), this must be what carb heaven is like. 

One pot, one baking dish and 40 minutes later your belly is about to be extremely happy. The leftovers are even better. I am excited to bring this dish for future holidays and see what my family thinks about it! We made it for friends the other night and they gave it 5 stars as well! 

If you want to make this the star of the show and not just an amazing side dish, you can add shredded chicken or cooked ground beef! 

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Our kitchen is almost complete and I’m so excited I got to share a sneak peak with you guys! Babe has a running for the best things I’ve ever cooked him and he said this is number one. I hope you give it a try and please let me know what you think! Xo,

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