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Two weeks ago, one of my best friends was at my house getting ready for a first date. (I won’t say who because she’s probably going to kill me for sharing this!) It was so cute though, I helped her with her hair and picking out her outfit and we sat on the back porch before he came to pick her up. 

Seeing her anxious energy, butterflies and newness of the relationship was so exciting. It made me think back to when I first start dating Babe. 

Before I knew all his favorite foods, knew all his exact orders at our favorite restaurants, where he went to grade school and what his favorite childhood movie was. Before we had Dallas and Doodle, before we had traveled so many places together, before we were just 6 months away from forever.

I would never, ever trade RJ for anyone else but getting to live those few moments of first date anxiety was so fun! 

While we were sitting on the back porch, Babe came home from work. We started discussing our own dinner plans. And by discussing, I mean our normal argument of where are we going to go eat. I told my friend, ‘If your date goes well this is what you have to look forward to! Nightly arguments on what’s for dinner!’. Oh yea, and you also get to marry the love of your life, so I guess you win some, you lose some right? 🙂 

This past Saturday we watched two of our very best friends say ‘I Do’. Seeing how happy they were, celebrating with their loved ones and beginning their forever was incredible. It’s so nuts to think that will be RJ & I in just six months! 

Between life, work, family, friends and a little wedding planning, we like to try to make time for ‘Date Nights’. I say date nights because every night is like a fun little mini date with Babe.. rather it’s trying a new recipe, cooking one of our favorite dishes together or having a picnic on the floor with the pups. It’s just great to have time to spend together but I like to take a night every once in a while to get dressed up and head somewhere yummy. 

Off the shoulder shirts and dresses have quickly become one of my favorite trends Even though my Grandma called me yesterday to tell me she did not like the blue and white stripe top I posted on Instagram last week. She said I look like a bird. I think she was just trying to say I look like an adorable flamingo ;). I love the off the shoulder trend because it’s screams summer with a touch of flirty, while making your collarbones look amaze. It’s a fun alternative to the date night little black dress.

Stripe Top *On Sale for $10! // I LOVE this top. It’s so fun to wear and would be perfect for a Cinco de Mayo look, tropical vacay or just grabbing a drink with your gals this summer. Seriously, you’ll want to twirl and dance all night long. I’ll link more OTS tops I’m loving at the bottom of the post. 

White Jeans *On Sale // The material on these are as soft as pajamas and the quality is five star. Definitely a wardrobe necessity that you can wear year round. These are a good price for a quality pair of jeans but I love these if you’re looking for a pair under $30! 

White Wedges (Similar *On Sale) // The exact pair I’m wearing is from last year and SO hard to walk in. I’m trying to save a little moolah and tough it out but I love the pop of white against the brown base. If I didn’t already own these, I would definitely buy a new pair because I get so much wear out of them even though I walk like baby Bambi when I’m wearing them. 

Karen Walker Super Duper Sunnies  // You probably notice I wear these sunnies 24/7. I love the way they fit, they’re not too tight on my face but they’re also not delicate.. so I’m not worried about them falling off. They seriously flatter every single face shape. All of my friends have borrowed them and as soon as they see themselves, they want their own pair!  

Rather your single and ready to mingle, been married for years or somewhere in the middle the most important thing is spending quality time with those you love and if a unique, flirty top that makes you feel like the smoke show you are is under $35.. I’ll take it! 

I hope you have a fabulous Monday that’s short, speedy and full of extra strong coffee! Make sure you add me on Snapchat (RileyBrahm) because I will be sharing some VERY exciting news tonight. Xo,

Stripe Top *On Sale for $10! | White Jeans *On Sale  | White Wedges (Similar *On Sale) | Karen Walker Super Duper Sunnies  | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

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