Casetify Phone Cases & Long Distance BFFs

Hi Babes! When I was Christmas shopping for two of my pickiest people, I ordered their gifts so late. Luckily it was for my sister and my best friend so they didn’t mind at all! I am so in love with their gifts I had to share before I sent them to Memphis! In fact, I’m so in love I actually purchased one for myself too :). 

Our phone cases’ connect when next to each other! These post cards are from our travels, photos of us and our tickets to the Beyonce concert! 

One of my best friends attended school with me in Chattanooga and after graduating she moved back to Memphis for work. Funny story, we actually lived one street apart in High School yet never met each other until I moved to Chatt! She was actually the very first person I met here. Even though we usually go three-four months without seeing each other, I feel just as close to her as all my other best friends here in Chattanooga. 

We’ve never talked about a ‘plan’ or ways to stay close, it just happened and I know it’s because of two things.. 1. We communicate non stop, text, phone calls, snapchats, tagging each other in funny Instagrams, even emails sometimes! 2. We absolutely love to travel together. We’ve been on countless road trips and each one creates memories and stories that I will never, ever forget. 

When I was shopping for her, I wanted to get her something special but I was unsure what! When I stumbled across these phone cases, I knew they were 100% PERFECT. They were originally created for sisters but she’s basically a sister to me so I didn’t mind. I had thought about a phone case before but most ‘BFF’ phone cases are too much or look silly when you’re not with your bestie.. definitely not the case for these! 

I purchased the mermaid case for my sister, she is 13 and loves all things mermaid and unicorns I can’t blame her! I may be purchasing this one for myself for the Spring/Summer! 

Casetify is my new favorite for phone cases because there are literally hundreds of adorable designs to choose from and the cases are actually sturdy (unlike so many cute phone cases I’ve had in the past!). Right now they’re offering a special, if you buy two you will receive $10 off! 

Happy hump day babes! XO,

| Long Distance Phone Case *Use code ‘2MORE’ for $10 off | Mermaid Phone Case *Use code ‘2MORE’ for $10 off | Jewelry: Baublebar, J.Crew, Accessory Concierge, Tory Burch, Kendra Scott | Mirror


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