BOTOX – 11 Things to Know & Why You’ll Be Addicted

Today we’re talking botox. Yes, I said it and yes I get it- and most likely your BFF, neighbor, and coworker get botox too! It’s way more common than you think but has this strange secret taboo around it that makes it so hushed hushed. You may think you’re too young (hint, you’re probably not) or that it’s too late (hint, you’re definitely not!) or you’re nervous/scared/confused (hint, DON’T BE!). You’re going to LOVE botox. 

When a fun discussion turned into 500 questions, I realized that botox is something that intrigues many people but they often get confused about what exactly botox is, when you should start getting it or the maintenance around it. I’ve rounded up all your FAQs from Instagram and wanted to share the answers in an easily accessible place! I’m also spilling the beans on where I recently went and what my experience was like.



*For length purposes, I combined some of your common questions and they may be slightly rephrased.

Q: What is Botox?

A: Botox is a tiny injection done around your eyes, in between your eyebrows and on your forehead. It paralyzes your muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming, while also smoothing out your skin, tightening your forehead, slightly lifting your eyebrows/opening up your face and giving you a subtle glow. Sounds like a miracle worker right? I told you, it’s addicting!

Q: I’m also in my Twenties. Is it too early to start?

A: NO! Every doctor I’ve ever talked to about botox says the ideal time to start is in your early-mid twenties. I started at 23. The way it was explained to me was that botox is preventative. Starting earlier means you are preventing deep-set wrinkles from becoming a problem. It’s like maintaining your health with little steps vs. than doing extreme dieting when you’re already very unhealthy. Baby steps keep you doing minimal botox for the long term. 

Q: How does it work, how many injections do you have to get?

A: It’s not one size fits all! I personally get 30 units but that does not mean I get 30 injections. I recommend speaking with your injector about the best plan of action (how many units, where they should go, etc.). 

Q: How often do you have to go? Once you start do you have to keep it up?

A: I go 2-3 times a year. I would prefer to go three times a year but I can usually stretch it out and make it a little bit longer. It is recommended going every 3-4 months but if you want to space it out a little longer, you can! Nothing will happen if you stop or space it out, you will just notice your face returning to its pre-botox state. 

Q: Does it hurt?

A: No! And this is someone who hates needles. It is definitely uncomfortable but it is not painful.

Q: Is there any downtime?

A: After getting injected, you can’t lay down for 4 hours or work out for 24 hours. You also can’t wear tight hats or massage the injected area. You may also notice small bumps on the injection site, but these have always gone away for me by the next day.

Q: How much is it?

A: This also can vary depending on where you go. I’ve paid anywhere from $10-12 a unit, making it around $300 for me.

Q: I’ve never been before! What do I say or ask for?

A: First, always ALWAYS go to a reputable injector. You do not want to mess around when it comes to your face. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Alisha Armstrong at Premier Med Spa because she is a Nurse Practioner. When you find someone you’re comfortable with, let them know it’s your first time! They can explain every detail, answer any questions and discuss a plan of action. If they cannot do these things, you may want to reconsider your injector. When we visited Dr. Alisha, it was my friend Natalie’s first visit and she answered ALL her questions, pulled out a map of her face muscles and went into extreme detail for every single spot. 

Q: Are there risks to starting early?

A: No! It’s actually better to start early because it helps from deep-set wrinkles from forming. If you didn’t start early, it’s ok. It’s not too late by any means. You may just need a little more botox than if you start earlier. 

Q: What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?

A: Botox doesn’t plump you or make anything larger. It is made to go on the upper half of the face and paralyzes muscles. Fillers go in your cheeks, under eyes, lips, etc. and are made to make things larger, plumper or fuller. I’ve heard a lot of people ask if botox causing downtime or bruising and for the most part (besides what I mentioned above) that only happens (sometimes) with fillers. 

Q: I heard you say you’ve been somewhere else in Chattanooga that you didn’t like? Where and Why?

A: Yes that is true! I don’t really want to name the exact place I went because it could have been a one-time bad experience. I will explain why I didn’t like it though. I’ve been getting 20-30 units since I first started getting Botox (about 5/6 times now) so I know what it feels like. When I went to this place, I barely felt the botox or noticed a difference in my face. I think they either diluted the botox or lied about how many units we received. I will say that I can 10000% guarantee that this won’t happen at Premier Medical Aesthetics. 


A few more things to know: 

If you’re nervous, go with a friend! It’s super quick (the actual injections take about 3-5 minutes at most), so most injectors will let you book your appointment with a friend.

I was on the phone with my friend who has also been with me to an injector in LA who is very well known. My friend said she liked Dr. Alisha best out of anyone she’s ever seen/visited. She also said that she seemed very knowledgeable and HONEST not just trying to get you to buy as many units as possible. I completely agree and was so happy to hear my friend say this. If you’re in Chattanooga, I cannot recommend her enough.

This post is not sponsored, I just felt so inclined to share my wonderful experience for you guys and hopefully make you feel a little more comfortable about Botox. I’m not saying anyone needs Botox by any means, just if you enjoy it! I love how fresh, tight and bright my skin looks with Botox and how it helps me look a little more awake.

If you do make an appointment with Dr. Alisha, please let her know I sent you! It would make my day to know some of you guys trust me to take my advice. Check out more beauty posts hereXO

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